Logo Creation and Corporate Identity Development Are Integral Attributes of a Brand

Creating a logo and developing a corporate identity is a detailed job that shapes the face of your business. The logo is the first means of communication with consumers. This is the first thing your customers see and what gives the first impression of your company. Everything can be great in your company: team, product, goal. But how do you not reach the destination if no one finds out about you?

That’s why corporate identity is so important. It is the foundation of your brand, as well as the future of your company. Below are 10 top rules when designing a logo and corporate identity

  1. Think about the process of creating a logo

You may decide to involve a professional designer in the logo design and think that there is nothing to delve into the intricacies of the process. However, here you are wrong. If you know the basics of the work and imagine the process of creating a logo, you will know what to expect from a designer. You will be able to convey the necessary information to him and go through all the stages together. If you are planning to create your logo, then you just need a plan.

The development of the logo and corporate identity begins with the stage of preparatory work. It all starts with a design brief. You compose a questionnaire or talk to a group of clients. Then you should research your industry, the activities of your competitors. After using the data, you analyze the logos of successful companies in your area. The next step is to proceed to the sketches. Rotate them until you have the best idea of ​​what your perfect logo should look like.

Once the idea of ​​the logo’s appearance forms, it is better to use the services of a designer who will help to complete the sketch and design your main idea competently. We have given a typical example of the logo design process. Of course, each company has its specifics, and the development process will suit it. However, in any case, these are the main stages of work.

  1. Learn from the best

Have you ever wondered why some companies have become global brands, and others have not yet risen to the podium? Maybe if you look at successful companies, you will learn something? For example, take Nike. This international company has built its brand around the logo and slogan that everyone knows today. So what’s so good about Nike? Why did it become such a big logo?

Once you answer this question, you will understand what is suitable for the style and what is bad. And when you start designing your logo, you will know what to strive for and what to avoid.

  1. The development of the logo and corporate identity does not tolerate clichés

Easier said than done. However, there are many examples of modern logos that either too literally demonstrate its essence or contradict it. The simplest examples are to use a lightning image to show innovation or a breakthrough or a shining light bulb to show a brilliant idea. All this is good, but such techniques use too often. Instead, try to come up with something yourself. You know the strengths of your company, so play on it! If you’ve come up with a logo idea, but it’s too cluttered, think of a way to express your thoughts differently. Remember, your logo must convey a message to the consumer and distinguish you from competitors. Avoid clichés, but don’t follow the crowd.

  1. Learn about your brand everything

Part of the logo design process was exploring your niche in the business and competitive environment. But it is equally important to know everything about your own business. How do you imagine the goals of the company? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Without knowing this, you will not be able to create an effective logo. Therefore it is necessary to dig in yourself. What is unique about you? What benefits do you see for the consumer? To answer all these questions, talk to colleagues, ask strangers. Get to know your company as if you are seeing it for the first time in your life.

  1. Be more careful with the choice of fonts

Let’s turn to the elements of corporate identity. And here, we give the leading role to fonts and headings. The font conveys the mood. The font in your logo tells about your company. It is the center of the brand and the primary identifier of your company. Therefore, pay special attention to the font when ordering, say, a redesign of the website. There is only one mandatory requirement for it: it must be simple and easy to read.

  1. Seriously, think about a logo that consists only of letters

This is the most straightforward and most elegant look of the logo. Here the leading role belongs to the font. If you decide to focus on this type of logo, choose a bright, clear, crisp font. Ideally, create your font. It will give your logo uniqueness. The most significant advantage of such logos is the versatility of use. Let’s look at the example of the Facebook logo. This is a simple inscription on a blue background, which quickly turns into an icon consisting of a single letter “f” in white. It is very convenient. And do not forget about the correct choice of background. Similar logos can work very effectively.

  1. Competently dispose of free space

Free space is a very insidious but very effective tool for influencing the consumer. Logo and corporate identity design is also a game using free space. Sometimes you see a logo in which everything is simple, everything is clear, but subconsciously it evokes specific associations in you that are not visible. This is the clever use of free space. A great example here is the FedEx logo. The first things you see are the purple and orange letters. And it seems to you that nothing is depicted on the logo anymore. However, something still makes you feel fast, moving forward. And after all, FedEx is a company that provides fast and efficient delivery of goods worldwide. Now look at the free space between the letters “E” and “X”: it forms a white arrow. It’s a free space that makes us think about speed. We ignore it but subconsciously perceive it.

  1. Come up with an active logo

A passive fixed logo will only hurt the business. People love movement, development and subconsciously strive for them. From this, we can conclude that the logo must be active. An active logo is a logo that creates the illusion of movement. We have already given the example of FedEx, where the arrow indicates speed and desire to move forward. This is an excellent example of an active logo, albeit too literal. There are other examples. The Twitter logo is a cartoon image of a bird that is about to take off and fly. The bird is depicted at an angle of 45 degrees and has outstretched wings. It is an illusion of movement that we need. Your logo does not necessarily have to contain literal elements of action. It must hint at it.

  1. Create a combination of logo and name

Most often, the logo pair with a title or slogan. A characteristic feature of successful companies is that their logo consists of these two elements, which can also use separately and equally effectively to convey consumer messages to the company. Take the ubiquitous Nike. Their logo is often paired with one of the most famous slogans in history, “Just Do It”.

However, Nike can use its “tick” and slogan separately. Therefore, when designing a logo, make sure that its image does not contradict your motto.

  1. Listen to people’s opinions, but don’t listen to everyone

Not everyone has to like your logo. However, do not neglect public opinion because you may have missed something significant in your logo, and someone noticed. Seek constructive feedback from people you trust. Just do not listen to everyone in a row because you will not please everyone.


In conclusion, we want to say that there is no exact recipe for creating a beautiful logo and corporate identity. There are specific steps you will need to take. And the success of your logo and your business depends on how well you do it.

In any case, you can always count on our help to develop your company’s logo and corporate identity.


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