Inline consultant for the website: why you need it?

One of the main disadvantages of the website as a sales tool has long been considered the lack of live communication with the customer. If the manager can immediately answer all the customer’s questions in a retail store or even by phone, advise him on the best solution, and “sell” the desired position, then the website did not have such communication. The visitor was left alone with the web page.

However, the situation changed when the services of inline consultants appeared, which allowed transferring live communication with the customer to the Internet.

How an inline consultant works

  • We add the tool to the website. To begin, you need to select the appropriate service. There are quite a lot of them – with different prices and different functions. Then you need to copy the consultant’s script and paste it into the website code to work on it. After that, it will appear on the website, and you will be able to use all available functionality.
  • Set up a chat window. In many services, you can customize the appearance of the chat window: color and design so that they look harmonious on your website; a greeting phrase so that it fits into the tone of your communication with customers; conditions for the window to appear – for example, to open it when a visitor spent more than a minute on the website when he viewed more than three pages or added to the cart the product you like. You can also set up mandatory registration – to include a condition under which the customer can ask questions only if he specifies his phone number or e-mail.
  • We process the appeal. As soon as the user writes his message, you will receive it immediately, and your manager will be able to respond to the client in this chat immediately. It is better to develop a ready-made script for such communication, as most messages are typical and relate to the same topics. It is also desirable to establish a single communication style so that each visitor receives polite, informative, and competent answers.
  • We process data. If you have a mandatory registration in the online consultant, you receive his contact information after the visitor’s request, which can use for further advertising. You can also analyze other details on the client: what proposal interested him so much that he decided to ask for more information from the manager, what details engaged him most, what repelled him in your sentence, etc. All this data will be helpful to you for marketing activities, building a system of discounts and special offers. And in general, they will help you better understand your target audience and reduce the cost of advertising on the Internet.

Chat bot

Varieties of online consultants include chatbots. Let’s briefly understand what it is and why it need.

Thus, a chatbot is a programmed algorithm that automatically responds to messages from a live user. Usually, the chatbot responds to keywords and phrases in the message of the user of the website and sends him a predetermined response to the same topic. For example, such a phrase can be “terms of delivery” – seeing it. The bot will immediately understand that the user wants to know the price and delivery time and send him detailed information on this topic.

Chatbots operate as inline consultants on websites, messengers (especially popular in Telegram), and social networks. Advanced and technological works are created based on neural network technologies, which allows them to improve themselves in analyzing user messages and giving the most relevant answers, skillfully disguised as a live interlocutor. Examples include Apple’s Gray.

The popularity of chatbots is because they save a lot of business resources. In many typical situations, they can replace a live manager, and they do not have to pay a salary, and they are ready to work around the clock. And if the development of “smart” bots can only afford large companies, then program a standard algorithm with several triggers – not so complicated and expensive to use by small business owners, such as online stores.

The bot is unlikely to completely replace a sales manager, technical support specialist, or consultant. Still, it will save them a lot of time and relieve these employees from typical and routine tasks that can be automated so that the customer will not even notice the difference.

Why do you need an inline consultant on the website

This tool is handy for business because it brings new customers, helps to save and stand out from the competition. Let’s look at these benefits in a little more detail.

  1. Users like the inline consultant

Many buyers want to talk to a “live” seller before buying or ordering something. They care about human communication with the seller, and the usual “soulless” functionality for online shopping may not be enough to make a final decision.

On the other hand, chatting is easier and more convenient for many than by phone or email. First, the buyer is not always ready to talk to him on the phone right now – maybe he’s at work or in a public place. And you can write in the chat at almost any time. In addition, if all telephone operators are busy, the customer has to listen for beeps until the operator is free. And here, you can write a message and distract yourself until you get an answer.

In e-mail, communication usually lasts for hours or even days because people are not used to updating e-mail now and checking if a new message has appeared.

Therefore, communication through an online consultant is a universal way that is convenient for both the client and the seller. Read more about the user-friendly interface for the website here.

  1. Considerable savings

This tool also saves the business owner money and other resources. Let’s start with the obvious – the same manager can correspond with several clients at once. If he spoke to them by phone or face to face, he could only process one application at a time. Therefore, when working through an inline consultant, the efficiency of the employee increases many times.

Another point where you can save is the possible return of the goods. If a customer buys a product without learning about the additional details that are important to him, the likelihood that he will not like it increases. In this case, it is more likely that the buyer will want to return, which is an extra expense for the business owner. If the website has an inline consultant, the visitor will immediately learn all the details he needs and will be able to choose what exactly suits him directly.

  1. Increases sales

According to research, two-thirds of shoppers in online stores would be happy to talk to a live seller before the final purchase to make sure they have chosen exactly what they need. And almost half of the buyers refused to buy simply because they could not quickly contact the online store representatives and clarify critical information.

Therefore, having an online consultant on the website can significantly increase sales and conversions. It is desirable that your employees are free to navigate the entire range and can quickly advise on any issue. In this case, they will recommend the appropriate product and additional accessories to it, without which you can not do.

If the customer is hesitant and unsure whether to make a purchase, the manager via the chat can individually offer him a discount to finally convince him. This approach is sure to please the visitor, and he still decides to buy.

And if the user has provided their contact details in the chat widget window, you can later send them newsletters with discounts, special offers, and promotions to return it to your website.

  1. Distinguishes against competitors

There are two options. Or all your competitors already have widgets with chats on websites. In this case, you seem to potential customers lagging and outdated in the absence of such a feature compared to other companies. Or competitors do not have a chat, which is a great chance to stand out against their background and add advantages to customers’ eyes.

  1. Instills confidence

An inline consultant will help you build a long-term relationship with customers, as your website will associate them with live communication, not just with a directory and a “Buy” button.

And the friendly support of managers, their meaningful answers, combined with a sincere desire to help, will make customers come back to you again and again.

An inline consultant on the website will help your business show its human face, get closer to the audience, and thus gain its trust. It is also an effective tool to increase sales through a personal conversation to advertise to users of certain products and work out their doubts.


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