How to understand that you need a redesign of the site?

It’s no secret that design is the first thing that website visitors pay attention to. It is the visual design that is one of the factors that forces a visitor who even accidentally went to stay on the website.

There is an opinion among developers that the website design should update at least once every five years. A redesign is not just a change of design. This procedure involves serious changes in the functionality of the web resource. It is maybe the transfer to another, more convenient CMS. Read more about the website redesign here.

Signs that it’s time for you and your website to redesign:

Website design is outdated

Unfortunately, in some cases, the owners do not even realize that their website is obsolete. Web technology is an area where change is happening very fast. Without exaggeration, every day, some new features, components, and functionalities help make the resource more convenient and perfect. If you developed the website in the distant 2000s and think you do not need to change anything – you are very wrong. All large companies know that the resource needs to upgrade periodically.

Your website is built on a designer and uses a template design

Another problem with many websites – they are made according to a template on the designer. Why is template design terrible? The debate on this issue is heating up. Some say that the template design does not interfere with promoting the website and sales. Others argue otherwise.

If you look at the TOP, you are unlikely to find in the top ten two websites made in the image and likeness of each other — search engines for maximum variety of output.

When all the competitors in the TOP have good websites with a unique design, it will be more challenging to promote the template there. Even in the first place, not because it is a unique design, but because the website designer usually provides limited functionality. Therefore, to do something outstanding, that deserves the attention of users and search engines is very difficult. And, as you know, the TOP gets the best.

And of course, it makes sense to remind that websites on designers are often tricky to promote precisely because of limitations in functionality. These are websites on TIU, Wix, and some others.

Lots of technical errors

Sometimes, the website is not just morally outdated but also contains many technical errors. Often website owners do not even suspect them. Such shortcomings also correct by redesign.

The website does not meet the requirements of visitors

Here we are talking about the convenience of the resource in terms of usability. Users seem to come to the website and even spend enough time on it, but the target action (call, purchase online, registration, etc.) is not done.

A high bounce rate indicates that users do not like the website. If the conversion on the website is low (below 1%), the bounce rate is above 30%. This is a reason to think about a redesign.

Competitors’ websites look much better than yours

At the very least, you need to be on par with the enemy, and ideally, be better. Otherwise, there can be no talk about any sales and customers – visitors will go to competitors because the website is more attractive, convenient, and modern.

And if your website is not like that, then it will be challenging to get to the TOP of it.

If you still decided to redesign the website, you should do an obvious technical task. Then the probability increases that your expectations will coincide with the result.

How to make a TK for developers? Then, what do you need to pay attention to? And finally, how not to ask for available positions? We understand in order.

What to consider when developing a vehicle for a website redesign?

Step 1. Decide why you are ordering a redesign.

Want to attract new customers? Increase sales? Then ask the developers if they do a preliminary marketing analysis of the market. Experts will analyze your business, find competitors’ weaknesses, understand your target audience’s needs, and what design will impress them.

Step 2. Choose how (at least approximately) the website should look like.

Be sure to let the developers know the websites you like and the websites you don’t like. Then, they help designers understand in what style to work. If your company has a corporate identity, logo, brand book, or corporate colors, please let us know.

You should also pre-mark all your wishes: if you want a zest in the lower right corner – let me know if you like the flat design – say so.

All your wishes should discuss BEFORE the work starts, not after you have received the first layout.

Step 3. Determine whether the website will remain the old CMS, or still worth moving the resource to a new one.
Step 4. Think about promotion right away.

If your website has positions that you do not want to ask for when redesigning – provide a list of search queries to developers. Then when writing texts, composing title tags, all this is taken into account.

Step 5. Track performance.

It is crucial not just to suggest”Beauty”, it is essential to compare the indicators BEFORE and AFTER – then you will know for sure that the redesign did not harm the website, but only benefited it.

Pay attention to traffic, time spent by users on the website, bounce rate, and, of course, conversion.

Thus, redesigning a website is not just updating the home page. We need a comprehensive approach and a professional view. Not sure you can handle it yourself? Contact us.


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