How to make your mobile website faster?

Every network user is usually in a hurry and can leave the website without waiting for a quick response. Hence, the minimum loading time of website pages becomes one of the priorities for web admins.

Speed ​​becomes even more important when it comes to the mobile version of your website. Mobile users tend to be constantly on the move, and they will have very little patience for mobile websites that take a long time to load. Therefore, if you want to hold the attention of mobile users on your resource, the speed of your mobile website must increase.

Here are some tips on doing it in 2018, when Google decided to launch its Mobile-First Index.

Do not use redirects

Redirection slows down your website because the server takes some time to find and retrieve the source document that redirects the lead. The extra time this process can take can increase your bounce rate. Therefore, minimize your redirects if you want to hold the attention of your visitors.

Use optimized images

Having a large number of images on the website page means that they will need a lot of time to upload. To speed things up, use compressed images and scale them separately for mobile devices. If you can reduce the number of images used on your website without compromising it, it will be even better.

Simplify web resource design

The website, designed with all the “whistles and bells”, looks very impressive. The amount of code it entails is also imposing, making your website heavier and slower. Make your web design tasteful but straightforward. Make your website easier to download on all devices.

Minimize the use of custom fonts. Such fonts look nice but use a lot of JavaScript or CSS resources. If possible, avoid using custom fonts, but if the overall look of your website depends heavily on them, you should at least limit their use.

Activate Google AMP

Activating the Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project on your website’s pages will make it look great and load quickly in real-time, regardless of the device’s platform. AMP uses ultra-minimalist HTML to speed up the loading of content on your mobile page.

Shorten registration steps

The typical process of registering on a website usually involves five to six steps. To speed up the work, reduce the registration to two or three steps. Getting rid of unnecessary code will make your resource easier and faster.

Enable browser caching

Mobile browsers now can “remember” your pages and save the viewed data on your smartphone or tablet for future use. After activating browser caching, website maintenance on mobile devices will be faster.

Minimize your code

Your website has a ton of code, and usually, some characters in it are probably redundant or completely unnecessary. Change your website code by deleting them and make your website more efficient.

Do SEO optimization of your mobile website

The Google Mobile-First Index create to use mobile websites as a basis for ranking and searching Google. The Mobile-First index motivates web admins to speed up their websites, as page speed is a factor in mobile SEO. Optimize the website. Its fast loading will allow you to get a website that will work well and benefit you.


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