How to get a link to your website

The links that other webmasters put to your site are one of the most important factors that search engines take into account when ranking, that is, when determining the location of your site in search results.

And this is logical: because if someone puts a link to your site, then he considers it worthy of the attention of his visitors, recommends it to them. (How sincere and selfless these recommendations are is another matter).

One-sided links are most important in the eyes of search engines. Links are exchangeable (and link exchange was one of the main ways to promote a year or two ago), all the leading search engines have now learned to recognize quite well and take them into account with minimal weight. How to avoid sharing, how to get quality one-way links to your site?

The link to the site will bring quality content

Of course, the best way to get a link to a site is to make a high-quality site with unique content that the owners of other resources will be happy to quote and sincerely recommend to their visitors. Such links are considered by search engine developers to be the most valuable, relevant, important and make a huge effort to teach search engine algorithms to recognize these links and take them into account with maximum weight. And lately, they are starting to more or less come out.

But this method is very slow, especially for a new, untapped resource. Having posted even the most unique and useful content on the Web, you can wait a very long time for links to it. After all, the new site initially has a very low, almost zero weight for search engines, and therefore your unique and valuable content will be published by search engines on … ten, or even on … hundredth pages of search results, which, to put it mildly, few of the users who are in full mind and sober memory, look … Therefore, you want – you do not want, and it is necessary to look for ways of reception of “artificial” links to the site. And as the first step on this way it is quite possible to recommend registration of a site in directories.

посилання на сайт

Registration in catalogs

Directories are sites whose main purpose is to gather information about other sites and provide it to Web users in a convenient, structured way. All (well, or almost all) directories put hyperlinks to the sites described in them, but not all of these links will be of real use. First, many directories link not directly, but through different scripts. Such links are mostly ignored by search engines. Second, directories often require a backlink. Third, very, very many directories (usually unmoderated) are blacklisted by search engines that either does not index them at all (it’s called a ban) or ignore links from them.

The real benefit can only be obtained from registration in the so-called “white” directories, which put a direct link to your site, do not require feedback, and are not banned by search engines. The number of such directories on the net, according to various estimates, from a few hundred to 2-3 thousand. And their composition changes very quickly. Therefore, to maintain your database of white directories, regularly replenishing it reappearing and removing the “blackened”, you can only do it purposefully and seriously, devoting a lot of effort and time. This, in turn, only makes sense if you run sites through directories often and in large numbers. If the number of sites that you promote is measured in units or even two or three dozen per year, then, in my opinion, it is much more profitable to order registration of the site in directories from professionals who, running through the directories professionally, and keep their databases up to date. condition and the work are done quickly and for quite modest money. There are now many offers of such services, both from freelancers and large companies.

Buying links for the site

Buying links is the easiest and fastest way, but also the most expensive way to get quality, strong one-way links to your site. One link from the main (and from a good internal) page of a quality resource can have an effect of more than tens or even hundreds of catalog or exchange links. On sharply competitive topics to bring the site to the first positions in the issue without buying links, it is now almost impossible. The main disadvantage of this method of promotion – its high cost. Only owners of commercial sites, who are firmly convinced that the money invested in site promotion, can afford to buy links in quantities sufficient to promote competitive queries – and the bill here often goes into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month. will pay off by increasing sales. A simple webmaster who deals with one or two of his own non-profit projects is more interested in the process of buying and selling links. In addition, leading search engines are now trying to recognize sales links and reduce their relevance, and something in this direction is beginning to come out.

Crowd marketing

Crowd marketing is a link from thematic communities: forums, discussions in comments, answer sites. In addition, it is one of the most budget and effective ways to set the dynamics of your link profile. This dynamic signals to search engines: “I’m here, I’m popular, people link to me.” Search engines take this into account and rank the site better. Crowd marketing dilutes the link profile. It looks natural and is not suspicious of search engines.

However, writing above that without buying links to promote the site in “complex” topics is almost impossible, I was inaccurate. It is not necessary to buy links. Even for promotion on competitive requests. Instead of buying links from someone, you can post them on your own resources. The matter remains small: it is necessary to have such high-quality and promoted own sites. Posting news, press releases, articles To date, this is one of the most effective and promising ways to obtain external links, but also the most time consuming. If you have a really high-quality, interesting site, you can agree with the owners of authoritative, promoted and visited resources close to you on the subject, to publish their site news, articles and other materials, not forgetting to include direct links to the source. , ie to your site, including links with the desired keywords. Particularly effective article placement: search engines appreciate single links surrounded by a large amount of text. For them, this is a very important sign of the “naturalness” of the link. It should be noted that the placement of articles – the process is mutually beneficial: you get a link to your site, your partner who posted the article – a page with quality content.

But for the promotion of articles to give a good effect, you need to work hard.

  • First, articles should be really high quality, interesting to visitors of those sites where you want to place them.
  • Secondly, articles should be unique, if you place the same article on several sites without changing a single word in it, the effect will be small: the leading search engines try not to keep in their databases several duplicates, including fuzzy , the same information (actually now the elimination of fuzzy duplicates works well in Google; Yandex representatives have repeatedly stated publicly that they also have similar algorithms running, but it is not very noticeable.
  • Third, finding quality sites to host your articles, agreeing with their administrators on hosting – the process is not so simple and fast. And the most high-quality and unique articles are written in less than 5 minutes. Therefore, as mentioned above, article promotion – a method, with a serious approach to it, is very effective, but also very time consuming.

Unfortunately, there is already a clear tendency to “cheat”, I apologize for the expression, the method of promotion of articles. Quickly riveted “catalogs of articles” appear on an industrial scale, which is practically not moderated, in which any fragments of texts are accepted – so that they are not less than a certain volume. I do not doubt that, as was the case with site directories, search engines will very soon pay the closest attention to such “article directories”, start an active fight against them, and at the same time, in principle – cut down the forest, fly cod – “for distribution” can get and quite high-quality resources that allow you to publish articles in yourself …

Link builders and SEO specialists talk every day about cool methods of getting links. However, if you try something new every day, you can spend half your life on tests and hypotheses. We talked about proven ways to get links for a young site and what strategy is best to use in the beginning.


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