How to determine the cost of site promotion?

Unlike other methods of Internet advertising, website promotion is a service whose cost is difficult to determine. The final price of site promotion is influenced by many factors – the experience and level of knowledge of the optimizer, the level of competition for crucial queries, the site’s current structure, the necessary customer guarantees, etc.

Therefore, the approach to pricing in each case is individual. One thing is clear: promoting a site on the Internet requires investment, and save by looking for a cheaper option is not worth it. Attractive advertising calls to “promote a site for only $ 100” are usually low-quality “black” promotion, which can give immediate results, but in the long run, threatens to leave the search engine index.

The best option would be the recommendations of colleagues, acquaintances who have experience of successful cooperation with specialists in this field. If you do not have them, carefully study the studio or optimizer site to which you paid attention. Of course, the site itself should be among the leaders in the search engines for the services offered (site promotion, site promotion). The site should have examples of site promotion that are not difficult to verify.

Choose a few options, evaluate your site’s promotion, and get a reasoned answer.

вартість розкрутки сайту

The cost of optimizing and promoting the site “white” methods is calculated based on the price for each promotion stage, and these stages are quite a lot.

  • Site analysis, competitor analysis
  • Definition of the semantic core
  • It is working with internal factors that affect the promotion of sites in search engines: content, optimization of HTML-code pages
  • Work with external factors: increase the link mass by buying links, “run” on white catalogs, etc., placement of advertising articles on other resources, direct and cross-link exchange
  • Monitoring and correction of the site promotion strategy to increase targeted traffic
  • Providing reports to the customer.

In fulfilling the order to promote the site, SEO-optimizers need funds to purchase quality content, links, etc. Therefore, we determine the price of site promotion by the necessary costs for these purposes, plus the actual cost of site promotion services.

In the highly competitive theme of creating and promoting a site in the Top 10 “from scratch” and its long-term support will cost many times more than promoting an amateur resource on a few low-competitive keywords. If you want to get not in the top ten but the top five, or, say, three, the price of site promotion will increase even more. However, you should not regret the money spent. Practice shows that the money spent on quality promotion pays off very quickly, and the site begins to generate a stable income.


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