How to create the perfect website redesign plan

Website redesign is not easy to do, and it is a complicated process. There are many reasons why there is a need to redesign the website. If you want to drive more traffic to your website and generate more leads, change your focus and your goals to increase sales, you may want to consider redesigning your website. More than half of people think first about a company based on website design. The perfect website renovation plan is the key to helping you and your customers succeed.

Misunderstood navigation or overly complex website templates can negatively affect your customer’s behavior on the website. You need to leave the outdated website behind and look for ways to create the best resource with easy navigation and user-friendly content.

The website may not have enough functionality and flexibility to meet modern web design standards. If the website is more than four years old, you should be borne in mind that the approach and technology of website building have changed dramatically during this time.

Keep in mind that redesign does not mean rebranding. You must plan all redesign work if you want this project to be successful.

This guide will help you build the perfect website renovation plan:

Analyze your existing website and define your goals

Before you start a project, you need to analyze the current website. How does the existing website work? What areas need improvement? You can check the average number of website visits per month, the monthly bounce rate, the time users spend on the website, the most effective keywords in traffic, the total number of inbound links per domain, and the number of sales per month, and more.

Once you’ve analyzed these metrics, develop a redesign plan and begin developing a website that fits your goals. Your main goal is to increase sales.

You also need to monitor competitors and their performance. With SEMrush, Expona, Screamingfrog, or similar tools, you can analyze your website and compare it with competitors.

View existing content

Content is still the king of the website. The project plan for the renovation of your website should include an inventory of existing content.

Check current pages, redesigned web pages, inbound links, top popular keywords, and decide if this content will benefit your redesigned website. Then you can select whether to save it or redo it.

Content is one of the most valuable resources, and it’s a way to connect with your customers. If you want to take advantage of the search engine, you need to pay attention to the quality of the content. Leave helpful content on the new website, and remove outdated, poorly written.

Optimize your website for display

The duration of visitors’ attention is 5-7 seconds. In that short time, they decide to browse or leave the website. So, you need a simple and informative website to ensure good work with the user. Your website may have attractive visual effects and engaging content to engage people, but visitors need easy navigation to understand where to go next. Smooth navigation, well-structured presentation, exciting content, and attractive calls to action can increase the likelihood that the user will continue to browse the website.

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