How to create a perfect website?

You need your site, and you want it to be effective. But what criteria determine the quality level of a good website? Here is by no means a complete list of requirements. But for now, let’s focus on them.

Site content

The site must contain information (site content). Have you probably read about this many times before? Then, read again and think – the site must contain INFORMATION. It is through it that users seek the Internet. The more specific information, the easier it is to gather a large audience of its visitors.

Website design

Although there is a saying that on clothes meet, I made this point second after the information. But this does not mean that site design is less critical. The first thing to start evaluating a site is its appearance, and only then conclude by studying the content. The site is the first contact of your client with your company, and the quality (level) of the site design directly shows the level of respect for the client that exists in the company. The history of image advertising has lived for about 200 years (not us, of course), which means a lot. The site is the face of the company on the Internet, and the quality of its design will judge you and compare you with your competitors. In addition to careful execution, must follow many rules. There are technical subtleties – the size of graphic files, the justification for using certain technologies, page loading modes. And there are more hidden: aesthetic value, correctness, and compatibility of color balance, literacy of proportions, and prospects in volume and lighting.

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The structure and ease of site navigation

A good website is always carefully thought out. The user should easily understand the structure of the site and the specifics of the company’s offer to navigate the site, and site navigation tools should be straightforward. It is good when navigation the convenience of working with each of its pages. A good website should not have “blank” pages with messages about the work.

Grammar and style in the text

Mistakes and poor literary style in the text – are unacceptable on the site. Failure to follow the rules of text layout, selection of fonts, and size – also reduces its user rating.

Update and replenish the content of the site

For users to keep coming back to you, the site must be “live”. You should update obsolete information and new information added regularly. It is perfect when this job is entrusted to a specific person or team.

Quality programming

The world is diverse. And the Internet too. There are different browsers and many versions of them, and users have different monitor sizes and different screen divisions. There are various text encodings and different fonts. But all this should not be an obstacle between the user and your site. A good website should not contain unnecessary code, and software solutions should work without errors and “help” the average person avoid making mistakes.


The Internet allows you to communicate in both directions. The user can always ask or ask if there is an email address. And a timely response will leave a good impression of the site and its owners. Various software solutions on your site can further enhance interactivity.

Proper indexing and promotion of the site

Most users find the information they need in search engines and link directories. A good site should contain the necessary keywords and descriptions for search engines, have quality content, taking into account the effective response to user requests. And the conducted advertising campaign should not use “spam”.

How to prepare for a good website?

Determine the purpose of the future site

What is the purpose of your site? You need to ask yourself this question before you start creating your future online project. Depending on the goals pursued, the website may be different. Do you want to generate new customers and increase sales, or do you just want to share your joy in life? Do you have a business, and you bring a new product to market, or are you a housewife who came up with a new recipe? Or maybe you just want to congratulate your friends on their wedding anniversary creatively, and you have a fixed idea – to do it with the help of a website?

Clearly state the purpose of your project, and even better, write it down on a piece of paper or in a text editor. Better in the editor – if you took up ​​creating a website, get used to the keyboard and writing texts electronically. Your record is the first starting point in an exciting story to create your perfect site.

Analyze competitors

Open a search engine and find all the sites on your query up to the third page. Look at them carefully. Whatever you like and dislike, add it to your file, which describes the goals on your excellent site. This way, you will gather a rough picture of what you want on the site.

After a long work on gathering information about competitors, it’s time to start analyzing them. Specify everything you need to implement as competitors, or better yet. This is such a must-have list of everything you want from your future “good” site. Write down separately what you seem to like, but you do not know if you need it. Be sure also to remember the things that make you feel unperturbed.

Make a technical task

Now that you know what should be on your “good” site, it’s time to do the technical task to develop the future site. You can make a task in the same text editor using a spreadsheet or draw it in a graphics editor or paper.

The terms of reference should help you to visualize your future project as much as possible. You need to understand where and where. For example: here is a block with a cap, here I have a big title or call to action. And here, I have a partnership with my group on a social network. And there. An excellent technical task will help you make a “good” site.

Choice of performer

That is probably the most challenging step in creating a good website. Look at your terms of reference and answer the central question: “Can you make a good website yourself?” If so, sit down for work. Start doing your project. But for most, the answer will be different because if they knew how to make a good site, they would not ask this question in search. You have two options: order a website in a web studio specializing in creating quality sites or sit down for textbooks or video tutorials on making sites. Step by step over a long period – you will be able to make the best site. We want to wish you good luck in your endeavors. Always remember that the road will be mastered by those who follow it. We sincerely believe that everything will work out for you, because once you started with something yourself and wondered how to make the line “Hello, world!” Appear in your browser.

If you want to learn how to make a good site, be sure to read other articles in this blog, which describe a lot of exciting and necessary on the topic of site building!


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