How to change a company that provides SEO-site promotion services painlessly for your business?

This article will be helpful for those who are already promoting their site.

Let’s start, perhaps, with an explanation of what SEO is. SEO – search engine optimization (search engine optimization) is a set of measures to raise the website’s position in search engines.

The reasons for dissatisfaction with the optimizer are different: someone has no effect and growth of positions, someone does not provide information about current situations, ie, there is no reporting, someone does not like rudeness or manner of communication of managers, the result is one – most do not understand what they pay money.

Just in case, let’s clarify that money is paid – for constant work with the site and for the constant purchase of links to your site and placing links on social sites and projects (forums, blogs, thematic portals, etc.). A large number of links to your site is still the main guarantee of successful promotion. The promotion company is also responsible for choosing the “right places to buy links,” their number, etc. It is an important point. The final effect of the growth of positions of your site in search engines will depend on it.

To the question: “Why don’t you leave them?” most customers respond: “We told that if we decide to go and change the promotion service provider, our positions will fall sharply or we will disappear altogether.” And here, and it would be desirable to clarify that at the people who got to such a situation, there were no mistakes.

  • Yes, it is true. When changing the provider of site promotion, the position of the site is likely to really “sag” (fall by several points, maybe 20-30).
  • It will not last long, a certain period – often about 2-3 months.
  • With the right choice of a new optimizer, positions will start to return and return to the previous level and may become better if the new company understands SEO services.

The reasons for the site crash are as follows:

  • It is not known which links and in what quantity will stop working in this period. Therefore, a new purchase of links by a new company will not be equal to the effectiveness of past links, so usually, there is an initial large “sag.”
  • It is not known what the previous SEO provider purchased quality links, ideally – should gradually buy and eternal links, then there will be no such subsidence. But many Internet agencies are not interested in this, so the work uses only temporary links, which initially provides rapid and high growth of site positions, and when abandoning the company – a sharp decline in all positions. That is, it is also an indicator of the corrupt nature of the company itself.

What to do after all?

Nowadays, everyone has a choice. Your site is the face of your company on the Internet. If, for some reason, you are not satisfied with the current optimizer company, then feel free to contact another. Yes, for some time, you will most likely have to suffer a decrease in site traffic, but then you say goodbye to the headache, see the results, and work with the company of your choice. Fear not. A well-laid strategy smooths out instant tactical mistakes. Always look to the future!


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