How should each page of a successful site end?

There are several mistakes that many site owners make when creating it. You can see one such error on many web resources. It is incorrect information on the page.

When reading certain sections of sites, you may have all sorts of questions, such as how to use feedback, what phone number you can call, what documents you may need to receive a service or place an order to purchase goods and other questions.

At the same time, most pages simply do not have such information or, at least, links to sections that have answers to emerging questions.

Of course, every web admin knows that any website should have sections such as frequently asked questions, contact information, and more. However, when moving to another section or searching for the desired section, the user may get lost or distracted. Thus the goal of the site owner will not be achieved. The customer will be lost.

It is crucial to provide the site visitor with the opportunity to order smoothly, call, write a letter, etc. To motivate the user to the target action, you need to design the end of each site’s page.

To sum up or motivate a site visitor to a specific action or at least not to lose his interest, at the end of each page of the site should offer options for action or contain links to any further action. What can provide activities and steps to potential customers?

One of the proposed options can be presented as a link to a page containing a service description. This page can have a list of documents required to receive the service, a list of contact information, answers to possible questions about this service, and more.

Next, be sure to place any incentive slogan, such as: “call us”, “order now”, “contact our managers today and get a discount” and others.

You can also at the end of the pages of web resources to place links to pages with descriptions of products, a list of articles on relevant topics. Some put a link to the main page of the website on each page.


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