How much does website development cost?

We answer this question every day. Very often, this is the first question of the Client who called us. We understand that customers are tired of hearing that it all depends on the complexity of developing this very website. The development of a commercial website constantly evaluates individually.

We describe the cost of developing the most popular solutions. They do not consider either the customer’s specific wishes or the cost of additional software (e.g., website management systems). However, a general idea of ​​the prices for services can obtain.

A simple website variant

The cost of developing simple (in our understanding of this word) web solutions starts from $400, and the average development budget is $1000.

We implement the essentials for launching a company online within such projects. We call such promo websites and make websites according to this type of resources requirements. But the task of even the simplest website is to inform potential customers about the company, its products, and/or services. A website consisting of only three pages (for example, “about the company”, “price list” and “contacts”), if it can “sell”, it is terrible. A website visitor becomes a customer only when he is convinced that the products and/or services he needs, that the company on which he is now, trusts him. He can, base on their financial capabilities, afford to contact this company. For the website to answer all customer questions, many parameters must take into account during its development.

Such websites do not have complex software components and unique design solutions. The design is developed according to the corporate style and/or based on the customer’s wishes. Several main sections answer the central questions of our customer’s customers.

“Simple websites” may include product catalogs, services that provide registration/authorization of users, and forms of ordering goods/services. The line between a “simple website” and a more complex solution is relatively thin because in the concept of “simple website,” we invest more than is usually meant.

A variant of a complicated website

The budget for developing a website-catalog or online store – from $1000, and the average cost of development is $5000.

Typically, this type of website needs companies that offer a wide range of goods and services and who want to get a severe tool for doing business on the Internet. Sometimes customers order an online store website after receiving the first significant profit from a simple website editing. This decision is justified because the owners of corporate websites and online stores have an order of magnitude more tools for selling online than the owners of minimalist websites.

Solutions of this level provide visitors with a high level of usability of the website thanks to a severe functional component.

Your customers can access simple functions and complex components: personal customer accounts that allow access to certain services and expert systems to help choose a product and / or get an individual consultation.

On corporate websites, you can use various marketing tools to interact with the website’s audience: feedback forms, blogs, answers to current questions, and forums. It is possible to publish complex and voluminous product catalogs on such websites and use special tools to manage such records. Of course, the classic tools not forgot: publishing news and announcements, keeping statistics of visits and conversion analysis, targeted personal mailings, and much more.

It is difficult to say what include in the standard corporate website. For a company that sells goods, it can be a link “Catalog + Online Store”, for a company that offers professional services – marketing tools to interact with the audience. The possibilities of web systems and the benefits they can give a business can tell for a long time, but still, it will be just “general words”, without reference to the specifics of your business.

Are you interested in website development? Contact us. We will be able to design and develop for you the decision which will bring you the maximum profit.


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