Facts about web design that you haven’t thought about before

We all like a stunningly beautiful website, but no one will see your resource if you don’t consider some vital web design facts today.

The general opinion is that a good web design requires the correct placement of elements, customization of colors to your liking, adding content, etc. It is a common practice, and sometimes it can even lead to a good website.

However, if you want the website to benefit you and not just look good, you need more. You need a web admin who knows how to manage all the little invisible but critical details and push your website to the top.

Here are some factors that play an essential role in ensuring the proper functioning of your website.

The theme is not magical

Let’s start with an element that is strictly related to the design of your website. Templates are an easy way to create a new website, and you can easily create a website in just a few hours.

Unfortunately, not everything that shines is gold. Although templates can be helpful, they have severe limitations and drawbacks. For example, with many settings available, you can create cluttered pages that interfere with your user.

Moreover, the code that works on the template may not be as clean as it should be, and this is a significant drawback if you want your website to work well. If you try to implement functions for which the template does not design, you can get cluttered code and disorganized design.

Competent and clean code is the engine

When your website looks good and the features you have created work properly, you may think that everything is fine, but unfortunately, this is often not the case.

Code is not something you see with your own eyes, but its impact on your website’s performance is paramount.

If poorly written code affects your website, Google and other search engines may have trouble finding information on it and may not display it correctly in search results. As a result, your organic traffic will be low, which is undesirable for your business.

If your website’s code is dirty, bloated, or broken, you may be banned by search engines, and the website won’t even appear in the results.

Work with different browsers

This point is strictly related to the previous one about coding. Every browser sees the code of your website differently. Therefore, if your website looks great in Chrome, for example, it does not mean that you will see the same result in Safari, Firefox, or other web browsers. In some of them, the design may look broken, or some features may not work at all.

It is a problem that only good web designers and developers can solve because they have extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, and various browsers. Testing and fixing your website to work with multiple browsers is an essential part of your project that will prevent the loss of valuable traffic.

Design still matters

All the technical aspects we’ve talked about so far don’t mean that good design doesn’t matter. The visual impact still works on your visitors.

However, a web professional will develop what your website will look like and organize it because good web design is essentially goal-oriented.

Speed ​​is a necessity

Here are some statistics to illustrate what we mean. 47% of users expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less, and 39% of them will leave your page if they don’t.

Undoubtedly, speed is vital for your website. Fast website loading is the result of many factors. Again, clean code is critical, and pages should not be overflowing with insignificant elements, images should be optimized, hosting settings set correctly, etc.

You’ll be amazed to see how important just one second can load a website, both positive and negative. To optimize the speed of your websites, you need a professional webmaster who knows how to optimize your website.

Adaptive design

People access the Internet from many types of devices. We consider it obvious that our favorite website can view from our computer or mobile phone. You need to do some work so that users can view the website on any screen.

Your website must be 100% responsive to ensure that it is easy for visitors to view and reduce bounce rates. Imagine the frustration of a visitor who cannot see the menu or sees a cropped or distorted image.

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