Creating and promoting a mobile website

According to experts from Google, from 2013, the number of mobile Internet users will exceed 1 billion. However, currently, no more than 10% of sites have a quality mobile version. Creating and promoting websites for the mobile Internet has its nuances.

Structure and design. The home page of a regular site usually contains many sections and has many links leading to essential pages. The main page of the mobile site should have only links to the main areas. Otherwise, the user will simply not be able to understand navigation. It is also highly desirable to have a brief description of the site.

Mobile version URL. You can locate the mobile version of the site both on the subdomain (URL of the form https://m.site.ua) and in a specially allocated section (URL of the form https://site.ua/m/). For all other mobile site pages, the URL can leave the same as in the main version.

Selection of keywords. With AdWords, you can find mobile search query statistics and choose the most relevant keywords for your mobile version.

Otherwise, the optimization and promotion of the mobile website are no different from the usual.

What gives a mobile site in terms of features?

It has many advantages. The main ones are four. it:

  • the ability to add new or delete unnecessary partitions;
  • editing information on the pages of the mobile site;
  • uploading various files to the site;
  • tracking the frequency of attendance through statistics.

Many companies try to consider the maximum offers from customers who have expressed a desire to get a site that would easily view mobile devices. In general, the emergence of wap-sites for mobile phones can be considered a new advertising technology. Everyone knows about the expansion of cellular services. Their promotion today is very active. And today, any businessman is very important to have not just a site on the Internet, but also a wap-site that will open well and be viewed on any mobile device.

Convenience from creating a mobile site

It’s no secret that the Internet on mobile phones is used mainly by young people. That is the most advanced in terms of modern technology. And this is important because it is from these categories that you can get the most interest in your products or services with the help of a wap-site. It is also essential that the site can be accessed using absolutely any mobile device. The main thing is that the Internet works appropriately;

The two main features of a well-made wap-site are ease of use and compatibility with as many mobile devices as possible. That means that once the wap site is ready, we must test it. The tools of modern technology are very decent. Its diversity makes it possible to make not only wap-sites but also to create multi-format resources, sites-PDA. Those websites will equally view on all devices connected to the World Wide Web. The size of the screen will not matter at all.

Every businessman should have websites! It should understand that users with mobile phones are much more than ordinary Internet users who hang out on the network on laptops or computers. If you can access the site from mobile phones, then:

  • the number of people who got acquainted with the goods or services you offer will increase significantly;
  • visitors are very easily transformed into customers working for your profit. But for this to happen, you must create a wap site according to all the canons of SEO promotion. That is, this work is for professionals.

Wap-site will give an advantage over competitors in any business environment because of its help. You can very quickly increase customer loyalty.

Why is a mobile site better?

On many web resources that open on a mobile device but are not adapted for it, the texts are difficult to read or not read at all. Navigation often leaves much to be desired. There is a lot of unnecessary information. In addition, such a site may load slowly.

The font of the mobile site will have the most convenient size. Navigation is simple and straightforward. There will be no questions about the design either. Downloading such a resource will, of course, be much faster than a regular site.

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