Creating a website for school

Today, the school website is not uncommon. Its development is increasingly being ordered, pursuing various goals: better organization of school work, more complete and efficient provision of information for students, parents, teachers, and others. The website for the school is a “window to the world”, through which the school looks outside, and everyone looks at the school. The school’s activities have become more transparent and open to all.

What ideas should the school website reflect?

  • Creating an image, attracting additional staff and students, organizing interaction with other educational institutions, parents of students, advertising.
  • The school is constantly holding various events, holidays, developing projects – all this should be reflected on its pages on the Internet.
  • Students can attend some classes remotely, teachers – to learn about future events of different levels, share experiences, contact parents. Parents can check the schedule, look at teachers’ recommendations, and monitor their child’s progress.
  • School websites can also be a place where creative works of students and teachers are located.

What gives a school its website?

The website ensures the availability and efficiency of information posted by the school on the website. Filling the educational institution’s resources becomes a matter of the head of the school and the whole team, including parents and students themselves. And such joint work cannot but bring good results to all its participants.

Cost and conditions of creation

The cost of developing a website for the school in our studio is UAH 15,000. This amount includes the development and content of the website. Further updating and filling of the website with information will be possible for high school students, the relevant training of those responsible for the website includes the price. Read more about the cost of website development here.


The website will develop on a full-featured management system, which will allow, if necessary, to expand the basic package of services, functionality, structure of the website. If necessary, you can enter into a service and upgrade agreement with us.

Today, free Ucoz builders are often used to create a school website, which gives absolutely no freedom of decision and displays a vast intrusive pop-up ad, which can advertise anything. Such decisions will not bring a positive image and authority to the school. Read about the advantages and disadvantages of websites on free builders here.


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