Create a website for free

To create a site yourself

you do not necessarily need to know complex programming languages. Enough knowledge of the simplest basics of HTML, and you can do without them because modern content management systems (CMS) greatly simplify and automate the content of the site.

Creating your website that contains only text and images is not much more difficult than creating a Microsoft Word document with similar content.

The biggest challenge is the placement of the site (unless it’s just a set of web files on the local machine, namely the site that other people should see). This should be an affordable web server, which, in principle, can be done at home, but it requires serious knowledge in network administration, and the bandwidth of the home channel will not always be enough to host the site. Therefore it is necessary to use services of the third-party hosting (hosting is called service on the placement of certain information, first of all, the sites, on the servers allocated for this purpose). The highest quality service is offered by paid hosting services, such as ukraine.com.ua, which offers very high-quality services at a very reasonable price. Paid hosting has all the features for the future of the site and it is much better indexed by search engines. For a relatively small fee, the client receives guaranteed site operation, data backup, high bandwidth, etc.

Як створити сайт безоплатно

Of course, you can create a site for free,

without spending a penny on it. To do this, you need to choose free hosting. It has limited functionality and some limitations (for example, a site that is not visited by anyone for more than a month can be simply removed), but at first, this will be enough for many users. Usually, free hosting already provides some content management system, which is easy to learn, and with its help, you can start creating your site, which will be visible to everyone on the Internet. If there is no CMS – then hosting simply gives access, usually on FTP, to the user’s directory, and gives it some domain name – on it the site will be accessible.

When you have to host and a site name (for example, something like mysite.hosting-company.net) you can try to create a site with your own hands. The option using CMS is the simplest, but it teaches almost nothing, and it is better to start writing the first sites manually, with HTML code. You can do this in any text editor, even in a standard notebook. There are many specialized editors for writing websites – from a simple FrontPage to a fairly complex Macromedia Dreamweaver. You can download the software of this plan right there on the Internet. The main rule that should be followed when writing a site – you need to clearly understand the meaning and necessity of each tag, each letter. Otherwise, you will get lost in your code.

Writing a site in HTML

does not require knowledge of even the basics of programming. It’s not a programming language, it’s just a markup language. Its tags determine where the text will be, and where the table, where the picture, and were the link. Fonts, sizes, colors – all this is done with extremely simple tags. It will take them a couple of days to master them. Web programming languages, such as Perl, PHP, or Python, are already used for complex sites that work with databases that execute some scripts, etc.

Going deeper into creating a site yourself, you will learn a lot and understand that in principle on the site, depending on the need it is possible to create or connect in software from everything your heart desires, you just need to know-how.

Many people are fascinated by creating websites on their own so that they begin to fully learn programming languages and web design. Read more about how to choose a domain name for a website here. Good luck in creating your site.



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