Buying a fishing rod does not mean catching a fish

Today, creating a website solves many problems in business. It is true – the developed site will serve as your representation in a global network, will become an advertising platform, will attract new clients, will simplify trade. Every day more and more businessmen think about it.

Unfortunately, a good half of users who buy the status of “site owner” do not realize that the company’s site reflects it. Your site is the same “living” organism as your business – it needs to evolve, change and keep up with the times. Thus, creating a site is only the beginning of the path. The creation is followed by an equally important stage – its support or maintenance of sites.

Accompanying the site means all operations to maintain its technical performance and information relevance. To “maintain” the website means to ensure that it works 24 hours a day, to promptly correct problems when the need arises, as well as to correct or update textual and graphical information on the site. By ordering a site maintenance service, you provide yourself with peace and stability, as your site will function properly and be updated quickly.

Regular updates will increase the useful and interesting information on the site. And this, in turn, will contribute to the influx of new and frequent visitors. If the site is not updated, users are unlikely to access it regularly – it’s pointless. In addition, regular updates help promote the website in search engines – search engines more often visit updated sites.

A natural question arises: why the site owner himself can not update and change the information posted on his resource? The answer is straightforward: he can certainly do it himself. To this end, it is introduced to the site’s administrative control panel and instructions for its use. No specific skills are required to perform simple operations to correct the information or add text and images to the site. But, for example, to place and sign photos, you need to have at least one graphic editor (say, Adobe Photoshop). In addition, when working with the site, you will undoubtedly encounter a change in the directory or page titles, with the addition of links and new sections, etc. To perform such operations, you need time and desire to study the administrative control panel of the website and sometimes the basics of web design.

Unfortunately, even with careful research, you will not become a website maintenance technician and may face unforeseen situations. For example, you forgot or lost passwords to access the site. It is unlikely that you will be able to restore them yourself.

So, if you are interested in the company’s success, you will constantly have new ideas for improving your “offspring”. Today you decided that a site without a company logo is not solid and decided to place it. The next day you realized that you need to resize photos, change their order and make captions. And a week later you decided to update them, as the equipment depicted on them is outdated. Instead of images of the equipment on the website it is better to put photos of employees – it sets up visitors in a trusting way.

In some cases, you may lack the time and the skills to work with the site. Sometimes knowledge of the basics of HTML layout and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is required to support a web resource. We provide the service site support for the implementation of any of your plans. You get quality services at a low price by ordering help. It is profitable!


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