Briefly about the fundamentals of usability

High conversion on the site can be a consequence of user usability and depends on many factors. For example, a web project can have a perfect design but not give the right conversion level. Why? Often the reason is mistakes made in the design process.

The unprofessional content of the site nullifies all the tremendous efforts made by webmasters who created the site, its design, and the use of modern multimedia capabilities. For some reason, it believes that writing content can handle a secretary or sales manager. But the content of the Internet project is the basis for the subsequent interaction of the site with search engines.

The most common mistakes that interfere with the regular operation of the site:

  • Bad search engine optimization. Visitors of a site do not become interested in the site’s services. It can be just competitors. Here you need to work on identifying and engaging the target audience.
  • The information is off-topic. A potential buyer is looking for specific information about its properties, quality, and composition. Competent content will also describe the benefits that the customer will receive when buying this product.
  • Information overload. If the text is large and contains a lot of “water”, the visitor will find it challenging to navigate and make the right decision. On the other hand, the page should contain the optimal amount of content – you need to look for the middle ground.
  • There are no motivating words. It is not a trifle. Often customers leave the site so nothing and without ordering, just because they were not offered it. Make it easier for potential buyers to make a decision – directly push it to the necessary action. These can be: “buy now”, “call,” and other words of appeal.
  • Illiterate arrangement of accents. The stylish design does not guarantee that all the necessary elements are installed in the optimal place. Therefore, it makes sense to analyze the placement of parts and change them if necessary.
  • There are no materials that would win the trust of potential buyers. Yet, it is an essential aspect. The visitor wants to be provided with complete information about the seller, company location, contacts, and directions. In addition, it is necessary to place on the site qualitatively fulfilled pages of responses from clients, the page “About the company”. Each of these materials increases the degree of trust of a potential buyer to the site-seller.

All methods of site promotion have their particular advantages. But choosing one, even the most effective way, will not bring the desired effect. This is a rule with no exceptions. Therefore, there is a reason to think in advance about a set of actions to promote your project. Of course, experienced and highly qualified specialists will best cope with this responsible task.


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