Black SEO: what not to use to promote websites

Every website owner wants to get the result quickly and sometimes even ready to use black SEO. What not to use to promote the website. Such an approach will not lead to anything good.

It takes 2 to 9 months to promote a newly created website or a virtually non-existent web resource. Any crude attempts to influence the results of the issue are related to black SEO. Search engines actively fight against such methods – impose sanctions, exclude from the index. It is a “one-way ticket”: you may get the result quickly, but you will also catch soon.

Let’s understand what methods, in any case, should not promote the website.

They are cheating behavioral factors. All you need to do is make a payment, and “black” optimizers will shape particular user behavior on your website. There are two types of cheating: automatic and manual. In the first case, bots come to the website. In the second – employees of some cheating service and perform several actions. If you are caught using such methods, and the probability of this is very high, there will be sanctions – a decrease in extradition.

Link spam – mass purchase of links on exchanges (for example, Sape), automatic exchange of links. The appearance of a vast number of links (often from questionable websites) will also not help. Search engines have long struggled to buy links and impose sanctions for it. Google does not like such links. When they found it, the website falls under the “Penguin”.

Link Strengthening – Purchases link conversions to strengthen links. The scheme of action is as follows: links are bought, for example, on the stock exchange, and then they are “amplified” by automatic or manual transitions behind them. From the thperspectiveew of search engines, such work is also considered artificial cheating and leads to sanctions.

Hidden text – placing text on the pages of your website, invisible to visitors, but indexed by robots. This technique is used for additional optimization – the hidden text saturate with the necessary keywords. To date, such a method will quickly lead to the exclusion of the website from the index. Sometimes website owners do this unintentionally, just using soft colors.

Use of hidden links – placing a large number of invisible links on the pages of your website. There are often cases when the owner of the resource does not suspect such links and thinks that his website is white and fluffy. For example, such links are sewn and disguised in CMS templates (found on every other Joomla and WordPress website). With their presence, you can easily fall under the action of filters or entirely fall out of the index.

Search spam – re-optimization of the website. Oversaturation of texts, tags with keywords is also considered an attempt to manipulate the issuance and threatens to sag on 10-40 positions, loss of traffic. Yes, this is a good way to get in the TOP, but just as true to start a website under the Google Panda. Write for humans, not robots!

Excessive internal relinking – using too many internal links on your website. This may also follow by pessimization. Everything should be in moderation.

Content theft – copying popular material posted on third-party resources also threatens sanctions. For example, you can quickly get under the AGS.

Doorways – creating websites or pages designed to redirect users to the desired resource. The content of doorways for people is of no value. It’s just a set of simple text, almost entirely composed of keywords. Search engines believe that such websites “clutter” the Internet, so the promotion of doorways can be sharply and seriously begin the issue or completely fly out of the index. The method, of course, is outdated, but sometimes they still try to get the website in the TOP.

Any black SEO methods threaten or complete loss of the website from the index or a significant drop in positions. It will be very problematic to restore the website after such “promotion”, which will take a lot of time. It is often easier to create a new website and promote it than to rehabilitate the old one in the eyes of search engines.

In our work, we never use questionable methods of promotion, which is what we wish you. Instead, we recommend focusing on optimization, development of quality content, improving usability. If you have long-term plans for the website – do not rush. Develop it gradually and monitor the quality of the work you do. Use white SEO!


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