8 key factors to check if a website is declining in search rankings

Search engines typically own more than 90 percent of website traffic. Because search engines are full of suggestions, the most important place in search engine rankings (SERPs) is the site that deserves their most trust. To stay ahead of the competition, optimize your website.

The downgrade of a site in search engine rankings and website traffic loss is due to many different criteria. Here are eight key factors to consider when determining why your site is down:

  1. Reorganize your website

Ensure your website design is attractive and unique, which is crucial to keep potential customers on your site. Statistics show that about 66 percent of people are more likely to read a website with an attractive design. When redesigning your website, make sure it doesn’t affect your rankings. Follow the specific steps to make sure your ratings stay the same:

  • Analyze the structure of inbound links to your redesigned site. Are they all working properly?
  • Use 301 redirects for lost page addresses.
  • Before making any changes or redesigning your site, you should audit the site.
  1. Overloaded server

Problems with the server affect the site’s ranking, mainly when an overload or crash occurs. Of course, if you are on a shared server, it is more likely to happen. If you plan to get a lot of traffic to your site, order a dedicated server.

  1. Sources of traffic

Website traffic comes from many different sources. Here are some common sources of traffic:

  • Referrals.
  • Organic search results.
  • Social networking sites.
  • Paid search.
  • Direct traffic.
  • E-marketing.

Analyzing which of these sources brings the most or minor traffic to your website is an essential indicator of which channel you need to improve. In addition, it is vital to check the failure rates. Keeping these statistics will help you track whether there are issues on your site that need to fixe immediately.

  1. Internal navigation

Website navigation allows visitors to find information quickly. Half of the visitors will leave the website if the navigation on the site is unclear or complicated. The best format to use is a horizontal or vertical menu with two or three levels of attachment.

  1. Redirection

From time to time, the site has to make structural changes. Periodically, every reputable company redesigns the site. It is essential to use 301 redirects correctly to save lost site addresses, especially when these pages have had good traffic. Redirection 301 treat as a change of page address. This allows search engines to know that your website, multiple pages, or just one page have moved.

When 301 redirects implement correctly, your site will not lose any rankings. However, you may be penalized for duplicating content if it did not do correctly. Search engines will start indexing your new and old website addresses if 301 redirects are incorrect.

  1. Study the behavior of competitors

Monitor and analyze your competitors’ websites and the methods they use in their advertising campaigns. Use particular websites, such as SERPs.com, to check your keywords. This allows you to identify all the keywords used by your leading competitors and increase your ranking. Take these keywords and create new pages to create your content. It creates value for potential customers who visit your website.

  1. Gray and black methods

If you use gray or black methods to create links to your website, you risk being penalized for link quality. Google will penalize sites with low-quality links that damage the ranking of this site. High-quality links can create by implementing a clever strategy. Write and advertise interesting information using your social media platforms and get more natural links to your site.

  1. User behavior on the site

User interest is a crucial indicator related to search engine rankings, and the use of Google Analytics allows you to evaluate this interaction. Determine the bounce rates and the average time a user has spent on your site. These metrics determine whether you have specific pages that need to redesign to improve your user loyalty.

To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  • Easy navigation.
  • Great design.
  • Readability and short paragraphs.
  • Interesting content.
  • Relevant keywords.
  • A compelling call to action.
  • Unique content.

After studying these critical factors, implement them on your website. It will increase your visibility on the Internet. If necessary, you can always count on our help.


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