10 tips for promoting an online store

Online stores are becoming increasingly popular on the Web. Their owners regularly think about promotion, strive to make their websites more popular, and expect to profit. But due to high competition, it is not easy to achieve the desired results.

What do you need to do to promote your online store effectively? Below is a summary of 10 essential tips.

Tip №1. Correct text on the main page

Be sure to place the unique text of about 1000-1500 characters with essential keywords on the main page. Choose information that will push the visitor to buy. You can briefly show the main benefits of buying goods in your store.

Well-optimized text will help improve the website’s position in the issue. Also, don’t forget the title and description tags.

Tip №2. An interesting description of each product

For each product, we recommend specifying the qualitative and full description. In this case, the card will be exciting and unique. Its conversion will increase, and hence the level of sales, too.

We advise you to indicate motivational phrases in the product description (order now, call right now, promotion, discount, etc.), as they are very conducive to sales.

You can also make a function to remember the user’s preferences, offer him new, famous, or related products.

Tip №3. Ability to leave feedback

To make it easier for the visitor to choose, you can leave reviews for each product and earn a product rating. Most users choose products based on reviews. In addition, the ability to leave comments and feedback on products will make the content unique and constantly updated.

Tip №4. Detailed delivery information

Delivery information plays a vital role for an online store. Free shipping, discounts on it often play a crucial role in making a purchase decision. Also, do not forget about the texts for the pages “Guarantees”, “About the company”, “Terms of order/return” – they will increase the level of trust in your online store.

Tip №5. Price next to the “Buy” button

The card must have a “Buy”, “Order” or “Add to cart” button next to the product. If the switch is difficult to find, the potential customer may not become a buyer.

Also, do not hide the price – it must be visible. Its absence can seriously affect the purchase decision.

Tip №6. The semantic layout of the product card

The semantic layout of the product card allows you to show the product on the issue page in the search due to additional information (price, availability of goods, delivery, etc.), which has a perfect effect on clickability.

Tip №7. Convenient structure

Pay attention to the website’s structure: make it straightforward so that the customer can easily find the right product. Also, use “bread crumbs” to understand which page he is on, and search engines receive the product card well.

Do not forget to search the website, as visitors often use it quickly to find the right product.

Tip №8. Clear order form

The order form should be as simple as possible. Just ask the name, phone and delivery address. More information can found out later. The complex structure of the order scares away visitors.

Tip №9. Useful content

In addition to products on the website, be sure to post interesting and valuable informational articles. Then users will stay on the website, which will help improve behavioral factors. In addition, search engines like websites with frequently updated content.

Tip №10. Your island in the issue

Add your online store to Yandex and Google maps. Information about it will display on the maps themselves and in fragments in the search results. It will bring additional traffic.

Promoting online stores is not an easy task. It requires comprehensive work. If you have any difficulties, you can order an online store promotion service from us.


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