Work with negative reviews on the Internet

Today, the Internet for the consumer is an inexhaustible source of information about products that interest him, work, services. According to various surveys, before buying something, most users browse the Internet reviews, especially when to purchase expensive goods or services. Therefore, work on the reputation of your business on the Internet should be treated with great responsibility.

Kind and grateful words from customers are always friendly. They are the best reward for work. However, unfortunately, negative reviews – due to our mentality or insufficiently high level of service are written very often.

Of course, the best way to deal with negative feedback is to prevent it. However, we cannot rule out the human factor, and sometimes there are unpredictable unpleasant situations. At the same time, their consequences – especially opinions and reviews posted on the Internet – should not be ignored.

Tips for working with reviews on the Internet

  • Track the frequency of mentions of your company name on the Internet. See which resources mention the name of your institution and in what context. There are various tools for collecting such data, both paid and free. Google also offers a solution for monitoring brand mentions online – Google Alerts. These services are pretty easy to use and do not require special knowledge to work with them. If negative reviews have been posted on third-party sites and forums, analyze how popular and visited the resources that disseminated the information are.
  • Optimize your site, directory page, or social network to collect feedback from the visitor. If you do not allow the client to speak to you, he will spread the negative in other places. And these places still need to be “caught”. And do not be afraid of negative feedback. Good work in this direction will help you make informed decisions, quickly correct mistakes, and improve in your chosen field.
  • Respond quickly to each response. Respond to all reviews within 3-5 hours after their publication by the client. Appoint a person responsible for working with thoughts on the Internet – it can be your Internet marketer, SMM specialist, and even your administrator. And do not forget to monitor the effectiveness of work in this direction.
  • Treat each client with respect and friendliness. Do not show aggression and irritability to the client, do not try to deny his arguments. Just try to find out more details and apologize in any case. In response to the review, be sure to indicate the position and contact information. Try to find out the contact details of the dissatisfied customer to contact him and discuss the problem in person. If your customer’s dissatisfaction is adequate and justified, offer a bonus from your institution. Not all companies have an open dialogue with their customers, and your timely response can return the customer and attract new ones.
  • Don’t take feedback and be honest with your audience. Posting only positive feedback often alarms the potential customer and leads to the idea of ​​unfair administration, ie, the removal of bad feedback. However, they may remove the review with the author’s consent or the message’s inadequacy. Try not to order positive reviews from strangers. If you still have to resort to this method of competition and “resuscitation” of your reputation, be careful and do not overdo it.
  • Post only your current contact details – they are also a channel for receiving feedback from the customer. Check emails, messengers, social media accounts every day.

And remember: although advertising has a serious potential to influence people’s opinions, it does not cancel out the bad reviews.

“A big advertising campaign will only accelerate the failure of a low-quality product. So more people will learn that it is bad” (William Bernbach).


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