Why is it necessary to promote the website constantly?

Because the goal of SEO is a high ranking in the top search engines, and because the TOPs are formed by ranking and sites always compete with each other, more active competitors take the TOP instead of passive sites. Therefore, you need to develop a website and increase its relevance.

“The holy place is never empty.” Here it is necessary to understand that in itself the first positions in search results on commercial subjects are always occupied by someone. So, if not you, then your competitors get the coveted visitors – potential buyers. Therefore, once in a high position in the search for target queries, the site will be constantly subjected to severe pressure from not so successful, but working competitors.

Maintaining a high position is usually easier than promoting a site from the bottom to the top. It is even more annoying when, having conquered them, the web resource stops developing. The owner makes the mistake of deciding to save on SEO promotion – and thus deceiving himself. The purpose of our work is all inquiries of the subject of the client in the first places of all search engines. Naturally, the goal is utopian and in reality unattainable, but the desire for this maximum inflated bar gives long-term growth and support of the site in the search, gives an incentive to never stop and not to relax.

SEO is a powerful but inert tool

And this has its pros and cons. SEO is rightly compared (or correlated) with contextual advertising. Both digital marketing tools are related to search, forming together SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Moreover, the cost of SEO and context are interdependent, they balance each other. The customer always chooses what to invest in, and usually chooses cheaper and more efficient methods, increasing competitiveness and increasing the cost of entry. The most correct strategy is not to choose between these two tools, but to use them together, complementing and enhancing the effect of search advertising.

If you compare SEO with the context, then by paying for clicks in Adwords, you can already get visitors to the site on this day; promoting the same web resource through SEO, we are always waiting for the reaction of search engines to changes and optimization of the site. SEO works take a long time: content grows, a website that is promoted becomes more and more popular among other sites on the web, and, as a reflection of these measures, search engines look at its chances for high positions.

At the same time, modern high-quality SEO is always improving the quality of the site: working with conversions, analytics, optimizing behavioral scenarios and, as a result, increasing the conversion of the website from all its visitors from all possible channels, including contextual advertising.
And when a company gets as a result of well-conducted for example, 6-12 months of SEO-promotion of targeted positions, traffic and sales, it will continue to receive them, even after stopping SEO – and perhaps quite a long time. After all, the effect of SEO is as inert as the growth of the site’s position: search engines with a delay will notice the lack of targeted SEO changes and will respond to it with a delay. But the right solution would be to update the target queries, expand the semantics and continue SEO-promotion, allowing the “pot to cook further.”

Advantages of constant work on SEO-promotion

In addition to maintaining and increasing the position of the site on targeted search queries, there are other important benefits arising from the peculiarities of search engines.

Search engines are constantly improving their mechanisms, trying to improve the quality of search. These mechanisms – algorithms – are a set of criteria and rules on the basis of which search engines decide who will be higher and who is lower. Professional SEO companies are always in the trend of such changes, and sites supported by an SEO specialist are brought into line with changing algorithms: thanks to this, they are evolving and do not lose relevance.
On the other hand, the interests of the audience are also not constant, so the semantics will change. Therefore, both the site and its SEO-optimization must change so as not to lose the audience.

There are not many works on SEO-promotion

It is always good when the site contains a lot of useful, necessary, relevant to the interests of the user (ie contains key queries on the topic). Therefore, constant work on creating quality content will increase the efficiency and usefulness of the resource, expand its semantics. It is important that the work on the content must involve an SEO-specialist, so that new materials include key queries in the right places and proportions. This will help such texts to get into the issue and collect thematic traffic.

Also, the importance of a website on the web increases with the number of links to it. Search engines take this important ranking factor into account, and the more quality natural links lead to a site, the higher its position. We can say unequivocally that the more good natural links point to the pages of the target site from significant and high-quality resources, the better for him. Therefore, the purposeful work of SEO-specialists to increase the reference mass of mit makes sense to spend constantly.

Use SEO as a tool to attract audiences on the site wisely and do not stop there. The site, as well as business, cannot stand still – it or develops, or withers. Get closer to your audience, explore its interests, and work to ensure that your web resource is targeted, engaging, and converting. Remember – everything is achieved by consistency and it’s definitely about SEO!


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