Why is it necessary to promote the site and when promotion is not needed?

Rarely does anyone nowadays not use the Internet, it has confidently and for a long time entered our lives. Most companies have created their sites, which means that they have realized that the site is an online office that works around the clock, and in a matter of seconds you can get from anywhere on Earth. The site is a business card of any company, which provides all the comprehensive information about the company’s activities, its products, or services. Also there you can see photos of product samples, as well as see prices. And therefore the production of the site is a very serious process, it must be approached with full responsibility, thinking through every detail.

So, you understand that your company needs its website to manage its business more effectively. However, who will create it? Now some many companies and individuals offer their services in creating Internet resources of varying complexity and direction. How not make a mistake and choose the most reliable performer? Rushing to advertising, where they promise to create a site for you for only a thousand hryvnia, you can get a bill many times more after signing the contract. You can also use the services of a large company developer, but, as a rule, such companies set standard prices for any site. Now you can find many offers from individuals.

It’s no secret that there are a lot of decent and talented people among them. But it may turn out that your performer is ill, and you will have to wait until he recovers. You can, of course, use the recommendation of friends or acquaintances and order an online resource from a good freelancer who will do the job well and cheaply. However, if you do not want to risk even a small amount of money, contact a design studio. Their prices can be different, and the cost of making a site will depend on what you want to get from your virtual office.

To attract as many visitors as possible, search engines are promoted. Each Internet resource develops its methodology and strategy, which depends on the company’s goals, site traffic, the activity of competitors, etc. The cost of website promotion can also vary, and it depends on the scale of the work. It usually takes up to six months to promote a site. Once your online resource is in the top ten, you will need to pay monthly for keeping the site in the top positions. The meaning of this work is that the client, entering the desired search terms in the query, should be among the first to see your site.

You can promote your site yourself, but without some experience, your attempts will be futile. Therefore, it is still better to turn to professionals.
You need to understand that SEO is a complex service that requires the time and expense of qualified professionals. It is necessary to understand that in business it is necessary to invest constantly in the development of sales.

You don’t need a promotion,

  • If you can’t and don’t want to improve your site and refine it. Do not think that you can promote the site without making the necessary improvements.
  • If you are going to rely only on automatic promotion systems. Do not think that any automated system will be able to do for you any work on the site. Website promotion is just a complex job. At the moment there is no super aggregator that will do the work for you, write texts, optimize the site, etc.
  • If you want to get a quick result in 1-2 months. Officially, the search engine will re-index the site in at least 2 months, so one month will not be enough to fully optimize the site, because search engines will not have time to index the site. At least 3 months – that’s how long it takes to spend the necessary work on the web resource, which is then indexed by the search engine. If you have a young site, the term of getting into the TOP will be many times longer.
  • If your site is made by a freelancer for UAH 500 on a template design and does not represent value for users, such a site will not be able to promote. After all, if your site is made for cheap, it means that you have made a resource that is not suitable for promotion because only quality sites are worthy to get into the TOP search engines.
  • If you want to promote a paid site for free, you can only sympathize. No SEO company will work in the red, even if someone agrees, it’s just a scam. Why in the red? It’s very simple, for effective promotion you need to spend a lot of money: the cost of qualified SEO specialists (at least three specialists work on one project: SEO specialist, copywriter, programmer), the cost of external optimization (writing unique articles, analysis of your topic, etc. ) and many other costs.

It is important to know

There is currently no “Pay Per Fact” service in the SEO market. All this is just a publicity stunt where you pay much more than for a standard site promotion service.

Pay attention

If you have a super unique product or service that is not in demand internet, then such a project really should not be promoted in search engines. However, you can try to create a demand for a non-standard product or service on the Internet (but not using the usual methods of promotion).


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