Why do You Need Seo Website Optimization?

What is SEO, and how to use it to promote your resource? It is necessary to be engaged in SEO optimization and advancement of a website with an accurate understanding of what exactly you do and what it can lead.

At the birth stage, the Internet was formed as a giant landfill, where next to the diamonds was a huge mass of waste. They remain there. The main problem for the user is to find among the massive amount of information the one he needs.

There is a solution, and search engine developers proposed it. They created platforms (something like an exchange) to find resources that answer his question. But this decision has some limitations. Only those resources that we’re able to get to its first page (the so-called Top 10) have a real chance of search engine conversions. This means that sooner or later the struggle for a place in the Top 10 will begin, and this struggle has begun.

The primary weapon in the fight for a place under the sun was Seo (abbreviation of the English Search Engine Optimization). In other words, it’s the art of getting on the first page of a search engine’s output for the search query you need. There is no life for the Top 10. Therefore, the “fight” is not a joke, and any methods of SEO optimization, able to drag the scales to his side, are used.

To some extent, Seo is not to the liking of search engines. Optimizers with their artificial cheating significantly distort and degrade the quality of search engines. But search engines have already learned to deal with this problem with various filters (projects with harmful content in the Top 10 can no longer hold on, at least for a long time).

But Seo is not only a technology but also a big business. Do you know how much the leading companies in this industry will earn? The search engines themselves are also high-profit companies. Earn search engines on the display of contextual advertising.

And who orders advertising from search engines? Most owners of commercial resources attract visitors. And the whole point is that both of these businesses (contextual advertising and SEO promotion services) are competitive. Judge for yourself. If you are the owner of a commercial website, you will be able to get to the first page of the search engine in these two ways:

  • Order the Seo optimization and website promotion service, and then be among the ten most relevant resource queries in search results (get in the Top 10 or, in other words, in organic results).
  • Pay Google to have your ad appear on the same query on the same first page of the issue.

Seo works, and not using it would be a big mistake. Your potential visitors, who will not find your excellent website through search, will not forgive you. It is not enough to create a good project with the unique and necessary content. It must promote in the Top 10 at least several not very frequent requests to attract readers’ attention.

SEO optimization and promotion – why you need it

Do you think that you can do without attracting visitors without optimization? It is possible that for specific inquiries, you will go to the Top without effort, but for a vast mass of questions, and will remain invisible to your potential customers, even though your content will be good. Therefore, there is a need to please readers of the website and search engines.

Search engines process hundreds of millions of user requests a day, and each of them must publish a relevant list of websites from the Internet. There is no possibility of doing it manually, so this honorable duty performs by works (programs). And why is Seo here? Well, work can always be misleading.

Optimizers are just trying to find the same points of influence, clicking on which you can improve the ranking of your project (climb to the Top 10). If the robot is based on several hundred parameters when ranking, then by influencing at least some of them, you can significantly improve the promotion of your website. This means moving towards the first place of search delivery for the desired query.

Today in the Top 10, there is almost no “slag”, or he does not stay there long. But there are many more than ten good websites, and that is why there is a struggle for the Top, the main weapon in Seo in all its glory. If you do not participate in this struggle, you will not get a place under the sun. I think this idea should be clear to you, at least for now.

What factors do modern SEO optimizers take into account?

Usually, promotion methods divide into three groups:

  • Internal optimization of text, headings, meta tags, removal of duplicates of content, etc.
  • External Seo – Getting free and paid ways inbound links to your website.
  • Usability and quality of content – to obtain acceptable user behavior on your resource and in the issuance of search engines, which will be typical for your subject.

The first two groups of factors aim at attracting the maximum number of visitors from search engines (due promotion in the Top 10 for the required queries). Still, the third group of SEO factors aims to maintain the positions won.

The third is the most time-consuming to provide. You need to have essential and interesting user materials, the creation of which will have to spend a considerable amount of personal time. Remember that unique content is necessary now, but do not copy-pastes. It is also imperative to understand that your website value by a robot, not a person (if your relatives like it, it does not mean that Google will like it). The robot sees it in a slightly different light (Html ​​code, text, robots.txt directives, website map in XML format, etc.), and usability and beauty can be judged only by users’ behavior on your Internet project.

Your resource, which has passed all the necessary stages in the development process, except for good Seo optimization, must meet specific technical requirements of search engines (prohibition of indexing duplicate pages, correct server response codes, etc.). Have you ever thought about the proper formation of URLs on your website? And 301 redirect from WWW on without WWW (or on the contrary) adjusted? Monitor the availability of your website (uptime)? Periodic unavailability can nullify all your efforts.

Be sure to add your website to the Google webmaster panel to monitor the success of your optimization and immediately learn about all the technical problems on your website. Do you forget to check the broken links? Are you all right with the website loading speed? After all, this is now one of the many factors of SEO, which is taken into account in the ranking.

Internal Seo

  • Before writing an article, do you compile its approximate semantic core? “Why?” – you ask me. Probably to not work blindly and not to write on topics that no one is interested in. And how to find out what users are interested in? Elementary! And GoogleAds will help you with that. Keyword selection and query statistics analysis help in internal SEO and external optimization because there is an anchor link and a landing page to which it will lead.
  • Be sure to use keywords in the Title – the most frequent in the beginning. In the text, one percent of keys are from the total number of words and no more than one key in one paragraph. In the intermediate Html headers H1 – H6 to use keywords is also desirable, plus in the meta tags Description and, if desired, in Cowards, although the latter can forget.
  • Also, don’t forget about the Alt and Title attributes of the IMG tag. Very carefully added keywords would be taken into account when ranking in regular search and help images from your website to participate in the search for pictures of Google.
  • Another significant factor in internal SEO optimization is the implementation of relinking. Internal links have the same effect on Seo as external ones. They transfer static weight, and when ranking, search engines take into account the anchor (texts) of these links.
  • You need to be very careful about Seo copywriting because it can lead to over-optimizing texts and worsening behavioral factors. To improve them, you need to make “selling” titles and descriptions, work on usability and website navigation, and not forget about such a trifle as Favicon, shown in the address bar.
  • After publishing the material or while writing it, be sure to check the spelling. Illiterate texts will lead to a deterioration of behavioral factors and further departure from the Top. There are many ways to prevent spelling online or when writing text directly in the browser.

External optimization – were to type links

External optimization involves buying or receiving inbound links to your website for free. Search engines have been using them as one of the essential ranking factors for a decade, and I think for another decade, the links will affect SEO. Another thing is that the role of ranking links is gradually declining.

Today, not all links and not all resources are taken into account by search engines, and if they take into account, it is not always clear to what extent. This is one of the main problems of external optimization today: selecting a good donor website. In addition, there are several rules to follow when working in this area of ​​SEO.

The reference mass should not build up quickly. For very young websites, it is better not to put more than one backlink per day. Otherwise, there may be penalties for too much perseverance. It is better to get ten links from 10 resources than the same 10, but only from three websites. The best budget would be to get one backlink from one domain, but at the same time, there are not many suitable donors, so it will be possible to put a few backlinks on different pages of your resource from other pages of a suitable donor. It is desirable at Seo promotion to receive various links, as on the type of donors, and by type of anchors (natural occurrences of keys, diluted events, anchorless links). All other things being equal, it is better to choose donors on your subject.

Search engines are better and more likely to take natural backlinks into account. It is best to place them in the body of the article, not in the footer. Search engines will be more sympathetic to such backlinks. There should be no other links sold on the donor’s page.

Your backlinks should be placed on landing pages using keywords from the text of the same page. It is unnecessary to put all links to the main one, and even with many different anchors. Understand that the texts of links (anchors) seem to be attached to the page’s text and help it promote.

Let’s consider all the ways available to us to conduct external SEO optimization (getting backlinks):

  • I advise you to start with free methods because they require you to spend time, but not money. When the results of your work begin to bear fruit, you can start using paid methods, thus saving your time. Free links can be obtained from thematic directories, various ratings, or visit counters, as well as from trust resource profiles.
  • Sharing links with other resources can also bring you some benefits in Seo promotion, but you need to be careful here because search engines do not approve of exchanges.
  • This follows by paid ways to improve external optimization and simply – the purchase of links. I do not recommend using leased links. Your project should buy “perpetual” links, for which you will pay once. Ideally, it is best to negotiate directly with advertising websites that publish advertising articles.

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