Why Am I Unable to Locate My Company on Google Maps?

The key to folks finding your business is being found on Google. Your chances of being chosen from the crowd aren’t that great if people search for your sort of business and you don’t appear in Google’s infamous “3-Pack.” Out of all the entries in Google Maps, three Google My Business listings are displayed in the Google Local 3-Pack. Therefore, your company won’t appear in the Google Local 3-Pack if it isn’t mentioned in Google Maps. The reason you want to be listed in Google Maps is because they all go hand in hand.

Here are ten possible explanations for why your ad might be missing if you can’t locate it in Google Maps.

Your company’s address has changed

Make sure to log into your Google My company account and update your address if you recently moved your company. One of the simplest things you can do to ensure that your ad appears on Google Maps is this. Google will ask to confirm your updated location by phone, email, or postal mail. You will receive a postcard with a verification code if you choose regular delivery. Your company address will be updated once you enter it. The other two choices function similarly and move more quickly. So if you want your ad updated more quickly, you might want to pick one of those.

Your company listing has been suspended

Your profile won’t show up on Google Maps if Google My Business has suspended it due to quality problems. There are several possible causes for this. Your listing might be suspended if Google questions the location of your company and requests photographic evidence, or if you’ve updated your address and are waiting for verification. If Google finds that you have stuffed keywords into your Google My Business description, you might also run into issues. Contact Google support for help setting up your Google My Business page as soon as you realize it has been suspended. One day without electricity is too long.

The category tabs in your listing are missing

Google employs category tags to increase the visibility of your company on Google Maps. These labels can be used to help identify the sort of business you have. You can decide on a main group that describes the range of your enterprise. Additionally, you can add particular titles that highlight particular services you provide. Your ad might be hidden if you don’t use these tags.

Locate My Company on Google Maps

In the wrong business category, you are

Although you may have selected them, the categories are incorrect. You won’t appear on Google My Business when this occurs. Choose a second category only if it makes sense and fits your company, as the first one should best describe it. It would be detrimental to you in the long run to add a second one merely for the sake of having two.

Website experience was poor

Google may be less likely to show your Google My Business entry in the Map Pack if your website is not well-designed. Spam-filled, inefficiently coded, and non-mobile-friendly webpages are not liked by Google’s algorithm. Additionally, it dislikes websites that open slowly and websites that have been hacked. You need to have a correctly optimized, quickly loading website if you want to rank in Google Maps.

You Work in the Same Office

You might experience some issues in Google Maps if your company shares workplace space with another company. Linking a single address to numerous businesses is something Google dislikes. By including a room number in your address, you can correct this. If for some reason you are unable to add a suite number, get in touch with Google and ask how they can assist you get on the map.

False information about business

Make sure every single piece of information about your company is precisely as it should be. Verify that your company’s phone number, location, and operating hours are all accurate.

Your reviews are fake or spam

Don’t anticipate Google to show your Google My Business listing in Google Maps if you have a lot of phony 5-Star Google Reviews. Inspire genuine Google evaluations from actual clients. One honest review from a satisfied customer is preferable to ten untrue reviews from people who aren’t local to your region. Google can recognize a fake at a mile away, so it will keep your ad far from where it belongs. It is also important to respond correctly to negative reviews.

Keeping your business listing out of date

You might neglect to update your business listing for one reason or another, but as soon as you see that it isn’t on Google Maps, you’ll quickly remember to do it! The cool thing about Google My Business is that you can upload a logo, add an unlimited number of business images, and broadcast status updates in addition to providing a description of your company in the story area. If you don’t give your Google My Business page, with all of its features, top precedence, you’re telling Google your profile isn’t current. Anything that is never changed is hated by Google. Make sure your Google My Business listing is complete, and make a commitment to regularly uploading new material. Additionally, it demonstrates to prospective clients that you are actively maintaining the relevance of your listing and business.

Be Aware of Distance

Your company won’t show up in Google Maps when someone searches in the area if the physical address of your business is outside of what Google deems the local market. The further away your company is from the user’s current position, the less likely it is that it will show up in Google Maps.

Take full advantage of the free listing you have on Google My Business

Remember that creating a Google My Business page is completely free. It only takes a few minutes to update your listing and collect a few positive customer evaluations. Your ad will be more likely to show up in Google Local Map Pack once that is done. Always aim for more 5-star reviews, keep your listing updated with fresh photos and status changes, and provide a positive user experience.



















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