Which is better: website promotion or contextual advertising?

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is a set of measures for external and internal site optimization. The main goal is to increase the position in the results of search engines for effective search queries.

Users enter a specific query in the search bar, looking for specific information, product or service. This intention is expressed in the form of search queries. They can perform the desired action, ie order a product or service if they go to the site that interests them. Search engine optimization is performed based on the query core – a list of the most effective keywords that potential buyers enter in the search bar.

How does contextual advertising work?

Payment to the search engine in contextual advertising is made for conversions on ads. There can be any number of impressions, but the click on the ad itself is paid. The cost varies greatly and directly depends on the competitiveness of requests in different regions. The approximate monthly budget is from 2000 UAH and above, but sometimes you can not spend even this amount.

Advertisers often use context for quick sales, because the day after setting up contextual advertising, you can start receiving calls from customers. Of course, there are disadvantages. You will need to pay constantly for clicks. And if the budget is over, and you disable advertising, then you should not wait for more calls. A business will stop.

Very rarely, context is cheap for an advertiser. Most often it is quite an expensive pleasure. If the average check from the client is not too large, then the income from such advertising will not bring significant profits.

You can use the context for one-page sites (landing page), and full-fledged multi-page sites of companies and online stores. But according to statistics, contextual advertising works better, referring to the landing, because it comes to a specific product or service target user.

How is SEO different from contextual advertising?

No site will be able to get into the TOP without minimal initial optimization. If you use the context continuously, such a website may one day be in the TOP, but at least a year later, and most likely much later. And this with little optimization and little competition. If you do not deal with the meta tags of the pages, the site in principle should not think about the TOPs.

Unlike contextual advertising, SEO optimization will help your site get into the TOP search engines in a period of 3 to 6 months for various search queries. Very competitive queries take a little longer.

SEO may not be cheap by definition, but compared to the context the difference is noticeable. Once a site is at the top, you will simply need to maintain it by periodically writing new articles. Just imagine – you are in the top five and pay a penny for it. In contextual advertising, on the contrary, you have to constantly replenish your budget.

The landing page can also be optimized, but the appearance of such a site in the TOP may take longer than a web resource with at least 20 pages, each of which is aimed at promoting certain queries.

What are the advantages of SEO over context?

Low price for the involved client

SEO optimization requires high costs only at the initial stage. In this case, the price for site promotion is justified by a high-quality and large audience of search engines.

The long-lasting result, even if the advertising campaign is stopped

Positions after SEO optimization will decrease relatively slowly. In the same context, you will immediately stop receiving calls from customers when you run out of advertising money.

Customer trust

Users trust search results more than paid advertisements. Many people perceive advertising negatively and treat it with suspicion. Search results, on the other hand, are perceived as independent, which increases the credibility of sites in the top positions.

Cheating results

If you want to advertise contextual advertising, you can easily call (wind). This is done to increase conversions. When conducting seo-optimization in this way, you will not get into the TOP-10 of search results, because high positions can be achieved only by high-quality and long-term work on the site.

Audience coverage

Seo-promotion allows you to reach many potential customers. By promoting a website in one search engine and region, also gains position in other PSs and regions, which allows you to increase your audience. The context is different – potential customers are limited to certain sites – one search engine and partner sites.

When should you combine SEO and contextual advertising?

Forget that when you place ads in Adwords, you automatically get a ranking advantage. This is a myth. If the site has vague content and it is of poor quality, do not dream about the benefits.

Contextual advertising affects the issuance of aircraft due to behavioral factors. The search engine looks at the behavior of users on the site, and contextual advertising allows you to link this behavior to a specific search query. If the user came to the site on request “interior partitions” and spent 3 minutes on this resource, for the search engine it is a clear signal that the site meets the expectations of the user and meets specific queries. Such signals through the PF are taken into account in the overall ranking of the site.

So, you have an additional way to announce a new site online and improve its position in the organic. Naturally, before the start of the advertising campaign, the site must:

  • meet all the requirements of the aircraft and not inferior to competitors;
  • contain interesting content that will keep visitors for a long time and thus increase it in the eyes of search engines.

Additional positive signals for the aircraft can be set goals and their implementation in Google Analytics statistics systems.

So when should you combine SEO and PPC to benefit?

  • The promoted site must be fully adapted on any devices and ready to receive visitors 24 hours a day. Have a good design and usability. It is mandatory to have unique and interesting content or products that differ favorably from the offers of competitors.
  • Close integration with social networks and the placement of tools for the interaction of users with a site are necessary. Favorable promotions and discounts can be an additional signal for your visitors to share the resource with friends.
  • Exactly selected queries in the advertising company, which would answer the site and reveal the topic most fully. Your visitors should stay on the site as long as possible.
  • Installed statistics systems with configured goals.

With all the requirements and a competent approach to campaigning, paid contextual advertising can give additional impetus to the natural development of your site!

Which is better – contextual advertising or SEO?

For best results, you need to combine site promotion and an advertising campaign.

Tip: Ideally, you should use contextual advertising for a quick effect after launching a commercial project. This way you will be able to attract the target audience to the site in a short time. In parallel with the context, it is necessary to be engaged in search SEO promotion.


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