What is Targeted Advertising on Social Networks?

Selling goods and services over the Internet is a real opportunity to increase profits and business income. It will increase audience reach, increase trust, attract customers. To work online, you need to create a website or page on a social network and a competent advertising campaign.

To a large extent, the success of Internet projects in any field depends on the correct use of advertising tools that promote business. Targeted advertising is one of the most popular options to express yourself, but it requires a professional approach to creation, placement, and customization.

What is targeted advertising?

Therefore, targeted advertising is a concise ad that can catch on. When set up correctly, they will be displayed only for the selected target audience for information in profiles, accounts.

Target means “goal”, so the main feature of advertising campaigns directly impacts the target audience. When users register on social networks, they create a profile, fill in information about themselves, indicate gender, age, interests — all this information process by robots that collect data, segment users by interests and behavior.

When targeting, you must select the appropriate parameters: interest, age, hobbies. To get a more accurate result, you can specify a geographical location so that targeted advertising is shown only to people in a particular city and region.

Precise settings of the target audience make it the most profitable among the possible options for promoting goods and services on social networks. In addition to the fact that it hits the target, there are additional advantages to its use.

There is no such marketing tool that would, in 100% of cases, fall to a person who is in search and ready to buy the product immediately. But targeting differs from most tools in many ways:

  1. Access to “hot leads”

It is the most crucial factor, which, if set up correctly, will allow you to show ads to those users who need this product. For example, we advertise a pet store, respectively, the choice of the target audience – it’s middle-aged women (solvent) from 30 to 45 years, with information in the interests – animals, cats, dogs, several breeds of animals. Thus, advertising will show to those people who are interested in animals and who have them. The rest depends on the photo and the mini-slogan that will encourage you to go to the store.

  1. Savings in the advertising budget

Everyone wants to pay only for effective advertising that leads customers and not pay for impressions to those who are not interested. The narrowest setting allows, in most cases, to bring such visitors who are ready to look, choose or buy (if the price and assortment will suit, further everything depends on the offered goods).

  1. Work with competitors

Find your main competitor, his group on social networks and set up targeting on them. This way, you will show your products targeted and 100% to your audience, which is positive about online shopping and products in your category.

  1. Personalization

In the targeting format, the ad looks like an image and a short sentence of the service. It allows you to successfully implement the best offer and attract visitors.

There are such proposals and disadvantages, but they depend on the professionalism of the Internet marketer. If you regularly update the ad not to get bored, correctly formulate a suggestion – no problems. It is essential to analyze the target audience accurately, identify it, and highlight the narrowest parameters for customization.

Placement formats

Marketing ads can look different and use for different purposes:

Desktop format

Is a traditional version, where in the full version, for example, in the social network Facebook in the right column is a text-graphic window with a short call.

Cross-device formats

This is a whole advertising post shown to users to establish the target audience and profile information. It is a post placed in the news feed and has the size of a complete record.

Promotional post with a button

It looks like in the previous case, but has a button “Subscribe”, “Order”, “Go”, etc., which directs the user to the desired page of the website.

Advertising carousel

This entry also occurs in the news feed, but it appears not one big picture, but from 3 to 10 floating, which are in constant dynamics and better attracts attention, allowing you to show more offers or benefits.

Video + Button

This is a new and most effective format that combines both text and video advertising. Playback is automatic to interest the user from the first second, and most likely, he will watch a short video and then press the button to order or get acquainted with the service.

Each of these methods can use for specific cases and proposals. If you need to run a cheap promotion for a product or service, the usual desktop format will be enough. To increase the trust of the audience, the development of the brand is better to use a carousel or video format. To encourage action – cross-device or promotional post.

What can’t advertise

Remember that all advertising campaigns control by social networks, which will not miss the post if it contains the following information:

  • links to websites that may collect personal information without consent, surveillance cameras, spyware, etc .;
  • erotic goods marked 18+;
  • drugs, any accessories that promote smoking in any form;
  • alcohol and tobacco products;
  • some medications;
  • weapons, interests, and pages that promote violence, suicide;
  • Gambling;
  • political advertising.

You need to be careful when creating an advertising post because even minor mentions of items on the above topics can cause inadmissibility to publication and possibly loss of budget.

Targeted advertising is one of the main ways to promote your business on the Internet. Its main condition is professionalism, with which the marketer must analyze the target audience and narrow the search parameters as much as possible: determine the range of interests, age, gender, children, marital status, country, city or region, and much more that will help show advertising to those people. Who may need this product or service?

Next, the marketer must find a bright graphic image that will attract attention and add a concise but informative text with an offer and an invitation to visit a group, website, or make a purchase.

To save the advertising budget as much as possible, you should trust the setting to professionals to attract buyers quickly. Otherwise, advertising may show to people who are not interested in a particular type of service.


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