Website promotion on the Internet for beginners

Website promotion on the Internet is a trendy topic today. A novice developer makes her website and understands that his original idea does not attract the masses. Yes, people can be interested in a resource, but only when they learn about it. It is for this purpose that there is optimization and promotion of websites on the Internet. It is a set of interconnected elements that involves complex work for more than one day and requires a lot of patience and time.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Advantages of creating and promoting a website;
  • Pros and cons of website promotion;
  • Ways to promote the website;
  • What are the ways to promote the website;
  • Free methods of website promotion;
  • Independent website promotion;
  • 9 common mistakes that kill search engine promotion.

What are the benefits of creating and promoting a website on the Internet?

The World Wide Web is a virtual space where various data is stored, where it is possible to connect with friends, where you can download a movie or game. Here people buy goods, draw up documents, plan trips, read reviews. That’s why entrepreneurs see the Internet as a way to expand their customer base. Hence the need to develop, create and promote websites.

But how to increase the attendance of your resource so that it brings a good income? Start promoting and optimizing the website in search engines (Internet marketing is the main direction here) – means to apply a set of several elements that can put your resource in the TOP.

What is the basis of website rankings? Search engines scan the entire global network, sending all the information collected about all resources to the data warehouse. The information organizes using mathematical operations, and then the address of the search source is determined, where a specific link is attached to any query. The person only has to type a word or phrase, and the system will display a list of relevant resources (from the most popular to the least visited). Leading positions of the whole page is an essential aspect of website promotion on the Internet.

In the process of allocating resources, the search program works with different parameters:

  • How long has the web resource been running?
  • The amount of data.
  • Thematic orientation.
  • The number of keywords or phrases and so on.

Pros and cons of promoting a website on the Internet


  • Increased percentage of the ratio of the number of clicks to the number of its impressions.
  • People are convinced of the accuracy of the information provided.
  • Eligible promotion costs.
  • It is expanding the customer base.


  • You need to have a good amount of patience and time.
  • Constant control over the resource, its maintenance, and updating,
  • The work results influenced the principles of search engines, the activities of specialists, and so on.

What are the ways to promote a website on the Internet?

  • Search engine optimization (SEO). SEO-promotion of websites on the Internet aims to spread the resource to other sources and fight for its leadership position in the search engine. The main thing is to increase turnover. With this method, you can upgrade the resource itself (ie work only with its internal factors), and interact with the promotion methods presented below.
  • Banners. Online advertising plays a critical role in promoting websites. It is a method that will not take you long to increase the traffic to the resource. However, keep in mind that it is desirable to spread advertising on those pages related to your business. Otherwise, the banners will be useless.
  • Contextual advertising. Quite a costly method of promoting a website on the Internet, the results of which are very effective. Read more here.
  • Social networks and communities. This method of promoting websites on the Internet allows you to contact the consumer. People write reviews, share opinions, ask questions, browse the resource. So you can not only attract customers but also somehow improve your product.
  • Blogs. Dissemination of information on various blogging websites helps to promote the product to thousands of users. Bloggers post the page address under their video or other posts. People usually trust their feedback because they can directly ask questions and discuss a product.
  • Forums. This method of promoting a website on the Internet aims to get users to discuss the product, attracting the attention of others. Here you can operate with the information presented differently (from a simple line to an entire banner).
  • Promotion through news and press releases. This method aims to use various techniques to interest the user by posting information about you or your product. You notify potential customers about discounts, recent product arrivals, a newly created web resource section, and so on.
  • Article promotion. This is not precisely PR but rather a tool for SEO promotion on the Internet. Information materials will attract more users than just purchased links.
  • Catalogs. There are website directories, and there are article directories where you can post material or a description of your resource. Both options are good because they involve building a lot of links.

What are the ways to promote a website or online store?

In the 2000s, “experts” often developed many websites whose content could not be trusted because there place the addresses of unverified pages (this is how spam is characterized). Of course, these resources gained popularity in the shortest possible time, although they later block.

Progress has come to the point where search engines calculate such resources, thoroughly checking both them and the links provided to them. However, “unauthorized” types of website promotion on the Internet today still use, but not as effective.

What are the ways to promote your website on the Internet:

  • The use of invisible text. It does fix as many requests as possible that are open spam. Complicated scripts hide these links, but to promote the website on the Internet in this way is unlikely to succeed because search engines quickly find and block invisible text.
  • Creating doorways. There was a time when such resources were at the forefront of Google. They develop with the help of special servers, which collected this set of words, after which these sources litter with spam through various web addresses. These links were in the TOP. To hide such websites, redirects create that provide users with a regular page. Now, this method will not work because search engines can easily find both redirects and spammed resources.
  • Search spam – the presence, for example, in the article, many keywords that do not allow you to read the text properly. There are fixed standards, and going beyond them can lead to website blocking.
  • The use of linkers – sources where there is a constant transfer of information. This method of promoting the website on the Internet is still quite relevant.
  • Mail spam-sending various emails with links and banners to thousands of users, whose data display in a database of servers created for this purpose (or purchased for money).

Free methods of promoting websites on the Internet

Free website promotion on the Internet is not a fairy tale! It has already written here. Here are six methods to help you save money. Of course, we will not surprise professionals, but this information is sure to come in handy for beginners.

  1. Quality content

The most effective way to promote a website on the Internet, which does not require financial investment. You just post unique content that can attract the masses without any effort. Such information always attracts attention. It dumps by friends and acquaintances. It turns out that the web page promotes itself.

  1. Correct internal optimization

Intelligent optimization allows the resource to take a leading position in the tape for rare keywords or phrases. It is a way to promote your website on the Internet, providing you with high traffic, even if you have created it recently.

Proper relinking gives good results if the resource contains more than a hundred pages of original content.

  1. Promotion of services for bloggers

Some communities can help you with self-promotion on the Internet. Webice and Grabr are the most well-known services for bloggers. Their demands are more loyal. Such resources are a great way to get users’ attention to your website.

  1. Commenting on bloggers

For example, try to leave comments in several publications of well-known blogs or groups with a link to your resource for two or three weeks. The result will not take long!

  1. Exchange of posts

It is a very effective method of free website promotion on the Internet, but it is worth considering a slight nuance. To achieve the highest results, you need to use the exchange, which calls across.

If you have two resources A and B, and another user operates with content on B and D, then the exchange of posts should be as follows: website A links to B, B – to G, and G link to pages A. The movement draws from returning to the starting point. You post two posts, and you get two articles.

  1. Guest posts in blogs

This is a free promotion of websites on the Internet, carried out through posts. Sometimes bloggers do not forbid posting such articles, which allows them to accumulate original texts on their resources. You increase your attendance. You can put a couple of links to one website in this content. It is better, of course, to discuss all the nuances with the blogger.

Self-promotion of the website on the Internet

Step 1. Determine the goals of the website

To start promoting a company’s website on the Internet, you need to realize the importance of your resource. Most managers decide this issue only because everyone does it nowadays. So it turns out that more than 50% of all resources or do not bring the desired results or just terribly decorated or inconvenient to use, which means they are almost impossible to promote. You need to approach the work on the website thoroughly, devoting a lot of time to it. Read more about it here.

Before you start creating and promoting a website on the Internet, you should ask yourself:

  • Why do I need my resource?
  • What will be its functions?
  • What will it be able to provide to potential customers?

When the resource is not interested in the audience, it will not rise to the leading position and the search engine.

If you have answered these questions, you can begin developing, creating, and promoting the website on the Internet.

Step 2. We develop a quality website

Work on the resource is not limited to search engine operations. It is in the past. Before submitting your website, you need to develop it competently because the search engine analyzes the quality characteristics of the content. To start promoting a website on the Internet, you should take care of the following characteristics:

Clean and easy code

It also happens that when visiting several resources, each of them downloads at different intervals. The speed is affected by the processing of the website by the server, i.e., the existing hosting. However, special attention should be paid to the code because when creating and promoting a website on the Internet with it there are more difficulties:

  • When creating a resource, it is recommended not to burden the website with various plugins, scripts, etc. Scripts are always loaded for a long time, which seriously slows down the work of the resource as a whole.
  • Try not to cram the website with any third-party widgets. Sometimes the page has tabs, such as Facebook, that slow down its download speed.
  • Ask for any changes to the website to remove the old code. When updating information, not all experts clear the code. When the resource is constantly being adjusted, it is necessary to perform its layout, which will help maintain the download speed.
  • Use caching. When content is not updated frequently, it is very important to use its caching. And then, users get to the website faster because the download speed does not decrease.
  • Optimize the image. Large illustrations slow down the resource. You should not place large pictures if you can just reduce their separation with special programs.
Convenience for users

This is a vital aspect when designing and promoting a website on the Internet. There should be no difficulty in finding this or that section. Make a search string for the resource. Any data must be placed “within walking distance”. Experiment with users by inviting them to familiarize themselves with your website. They will help you assess how convenient it is or even suggest solutions to problems. Is it easy for people to navigate the resource? Then the search engine will be easy.

Nice design

The design of the content must do initially so that its appearance attracts users. Agree. It is complicated to stay long on a page where the font, for example, merges with the background. When promoting a web-website on the Internet, it is essential to make it comfortable even in terms of design.

Mobile version of the website

Most people go to the website with their gadgets and therefore need to develop a mobile version for smartphones and tablets. It is worth noting that today search engines do not place this or that resource in the lead due to poor quality mobile versions. When developing, creating, and promoting a website on the Internet, be sure to consider this nuance and set the appropriate task for your professionals.

Step 3. We proceed to the internal optimization of the website

All of the above also applies to this step, but it will be a little different functionality. This is a significant job, which is an integral part of promoting the website on the Internet.

Semantic core

Before you upgrade your resource, you need to decide on keywords or phrases. You should identify the most commonly used key queries on the website’s subject and group them by sections. To promote the website on the Internet to be successful, the “keys” must place throughout the content of the resource and its components.

Preparation of texts

Preparing a text is an important stage of website promotion on the Internet, which some developers do not always consider. Users are looking for the data they need, and search engines primarily focus on the resource’s content. The content must be unique, without grammatical errors.

Plagiarism is a futile move because the search engine can determine whether it is the original or a copy. Such promotion of the website on the Internet will not bring any results.

The textual content needs to do:

  • Original and complete, relevant to the subject of the resource.
  • Divided into paragraphs, subheadings, and other constituent elements.
  • Comfortable to see, engaging.
  • Brand new, unlike other texts.

It recommends composing content with the organization’s head because the amount of knowledge on professional topics in the boss is much higher than in subordinates. All “underwater kame “and nuances – this is, we can say, the element of the leader. Of course, specialists should do the text filling. Still, the recommendations from the director are critical when compiling content that will ensure success in promoting the website on the Internet.


If the content of the issue successfully resolves, you should pay attention to the link. In any section of the resource, you need to place links to other sections related to one common theme. In this way, both the user and the search engine, being on the page, will explore the website faster. So you increase the behavioral factors and the number of visits, working to promote the website on the Internet.

Do not link to other resources

When posting articles or illustrations, it’s best not to link to other sources. Still, had to add such a link? Ask the experts to hide it from users, or do it yourself by using the rel = “nofollow” element and edit.


It is necessary to easily navigate the search engine and people who switched to your resource.

Step 4. Publish the website in search engines

When all the previous steps perform perfectly, you can start publishing the resource in search engines. Only then does it begin to be indexed by search engines.

Step 5. Choose tools to promote the website

Now you can thoroughly start promoting the website on the Internet. If the whole resource is indexed, then feel free to get down to business! It is worth noting that it is impossible to start this process without considering the previous steps. To properly promote the website on the Internet, you need to ask yourself:

  • What are your goals? Promote your website to a leading position!
  • How will you get into the TOP? Of course, a high influx of users and potential customers!

There may be secondary tasks, but the primary purpose of promoting the website on the Internet – is the influx of interested users.

That is why it is vital to develop a target audience that forms indicators of the behavioral factor: the number of events, the convenience of navigating the website, the time spent on the page of the resource, and so on. Of course, each website is created specifically for the user, and these aspects position as essential.

Now it is necessary to tell about the most effective methods of website promotion on the Internet:

Social networks

Social networks determine the behavioral factor of search engines. If the resource created by you is popular on such websites, then you managed to interest many users. The more I like it, the faster the search engine will move your resource to the top positions. That is why social networks are an integral part of promoting a website on the Internet.

The advantages of such promotion of the resource:

  • Attract a target audience that may be interested in your products.
  • Promoting a website on the Internet in the form of a dialogue between you and other users.
  • The search engine captures mentions of your resource on social networks.
  • Improving behavioral factors.
  • Increase traffic.
  • You don’t bypass search engines like those who buy links for money.

Have you got your community? It is a great way to promote your website on the Internet. You can also purchase posts from other communities. How many? Decide only for you, relying on your budget.

Articles on other websites

The price of promoting a website on the Internet using this method, of course, is higher because you need to “light up” on many resources so that Google quickly puts you in the lead. If you decide to buy publications on the stock exchange, keep in mind that there will not be many benefits because such resources have long been just a dumping ground for junk.

When promoting a website on the Internet, it will be great to promote by a leader who people trust. If you do decide to climb with it, you may need a GoGetLinks or Webartex exchange. Of course, there are such sources on exchanges, but they quickly turn into a dump of links and articles.

It is perfect if you find a blog that matches the theme of your resource. Then you will be able to increase traffic to your website and attract the target audience. Bloggers who post recommendations on your content promote your website online. In addition, some bloggers allow you to publish third-party content.

This method has the following advantages:

  • Traffic is growing.
  • The resource is becoming more popular.
  • Bloggers trusted by users recommend you.
  • Review websites

Contribute your resource to pages where users are free to leave feedback. Describe your website and post a comment. This is an excellent way to promote your website on the Internet, as it provides you with a dialogue with users of the global network.

Step 6. We are constantly working to promote the website on the Internet

Of course, you need to regularly monitor the promotion of the website on the Internet and upgrade and update your resource. In any case, do not forget about it. Otherwise, you may lose the leading position. Constant work on your offspring – that’s what’s important.

Attracting the attention of the target audience is your main task. Website promotion on the Internet largely depends on this factor. It is quite understandable because the resource is created specifically for users.

8 common mistakes that kill search engine promotion

Error №1. “Now run the website, and sales will skyrocket.”

This is a misconception of many beginners. A resource that does not attract the target audience is useless.

Error №2. “I have a familiar programmer (designer, student). He will make me a website for $100.”

Developing, creating, and promoting a website on the Internet is not an easy task, and therefore, with the help of such acquaintances, you will get an ineffective resource. Be sure to consult a professional in this matter. If you are not friends with the global network at all, then in no case do not undertake it yourself. Just waste precious time.

Error №3. “I will promote the website myself”

The effect is zero. Self-promotion on the Internet is not the best solution if you are not an expert.

Error №4. “Found an SEO office, promised to promote the website in a month, and everything will be cool!”

Not without fraudsters here. If you do not understand anything about creating and promoting a website on the Internet, any set of words on this topic will seem plausible. Don’t fall for false promises.

Here you need to be very careful, because often large companies let their customers down, entrusting the development of, for example, 30 resources to only one specialist who can not deal with each website in full. The links will most likely be from spammed sources. As a result, you pay without getting anything out.

Error №5. “I can’t spend a lot of time promoting.”

This mistake is that you do not fully understand what a website promotion on the Internet is. Either you are looking for other options, or you allow competitors to go ahead. This is a continuous process, stopping which you risk losing leadership.

Error №6. “I’ll pay the money, and the orders will go.”

You turn to offices that provide services for developing and promoting websites on the Internet without using their internal aspects. It turns out that the resource can not attract potential buyers because it is practically not updated. When products are three years old, all promotion tools will be useless. Website promotion on the Internet is its constant updating, updating, and modernization of functionality.

Error №7. “Promotion by temporary links will be faster.”

Search engines do not accept such tools. Not only that, you can get banned. It turns out that you are investing in long-outdated links.

Error №8. “The money for development is over, so we are completing the program to promote the website on the Internet.”

Creating and promoting a website on the Internet is a relatively expensive procedure that requires periodic investments. It is not enough to simply develop a resource to outperform its competitors.

In any case, you can always contact us for help in promoting the website.


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