Types of advertising on the Internet

The World Wide Web is one of the most influential media. Before, people mostly learned from radio, newspapers, and television, almost all the content is gradually migrating to the Internet. Hundreds of millions of people around the world use the Internet. Mostly his audience is young and solvent. Not surprisingly, marketers began to view the online space as a place to promote commercial products and earnings. Today, online advertising has become one of the most profitable industries in the world. She has already overtaken other types of promotion and is not going to slow down.

The benefits of online advertising

The prevalence of virtual this is where the greatest concentration of potential customers. The advertising is associated not only with the popularity of social networks, YouTube, or online games:

  • Web promotion is relatively inexpensive. If you need to pay a tidy sum to run a commercial on TV, then on the Internet, it is quite possible to find popular websites where you can order promotions at an affordable price.
  • Great audience coverage. As a rule, this or that website is not limited to one region. Hypothetically, your ad can be seen by the entire population of the world. By the way, this use by many online stores: note that they often offer goods far beyond the country of origin.
  • Possibility of fast feedback. There are many ways to communicate with customers on the Internet: you can make a page with reviews, specify your e-mail and phone number, ask the customer to leave your data, etc. It easy to establish daily contact with everyone.
  • Full demonstration of the product. Imagine you are advertising a clothing store on TV with a 30-second clip. What can the viewer understand from it? Will he look for your store? Will he rewrite your email address, even if you show it in full screen in a huge font? Unlikely. But if a person finds an identical online shop, he can immediately click on the ad and view the entire range in a few minutes. Stores that have official websites and online promotions are more successful than their competitors.
  • Internet advertising is less annoying. Ten-minute advertising blocks, which interrupt the film in our most exciting place, are a thing of the past. Network users offer short advertisements that can be closed at any time. Because of this, they do not cause strong negative emotions.

As you can see, online advertising is a powerful mechanism. However, to use it properly, you need to distinguish between types of online promotion. Each product has its version. You can not advertise the sale of aerated concrete blocks and event agencies in the same way.

The main types of online advertising

  1. Contextual

You’ve probably noticed that if you type in a search engine, say, a Samsung smartphone, LG TV or candy “Rafaello”, information about these products begins to haunt you at every turn. This is not a coincidence. This is how contextual advertising works.

Its scheme is as simple as possible. Dedicated Google ADS systems read each user’s queries. Interests are automatically recorded, and then the person is offered the appropriate advertisements.

By types of contextual advertising is divided into:

  • search engine;
  • thematic.

The first is targeting the keywords you Google. The second, use within different online resources. For example, suppose you are interested in a black dress in an online clothing store. In that case, you will offer similar black dresses or things from the same brand — an example of search advertising for the query “website promotion” below.

The main disadvantage: a person does not necessarily look for what he wants to buy. Maybe she’s just writing an article about smartphones. To offer her contextual advertising is a blank shot.

  1. Targeting

This type of advertising is somewhat similar to contextual. However, it focuses not only on the interests of the public but also on socio-demographic characteristics. Its name comes from the English word target. This is the essence of the principle. The marketer determines the product’s target audience and offers it to each member of the selected group. Let’s say you promote a toy store for children under three on Facebook. So, you need to focus on young moms and dads. You are looking for adults who have “married” or “have a child” status. They are offered a banner with teddy bears.

To save money, many ways have been devised to use targeted advertising rationally. Some experts place it at a particular time of day. Others focus only on a particular region. Others pay attention to the gender and age of the potential customer. The fourth combines all these options and adds something of its own. It all depends on the prevalence of the product and the size of the budget.

The main disadvantage: usually, people go to social networks to relax and chat with friends. At these times, they not particularly tune for unscheduled purchases, so your ad risks being left unsaid labeled.

  1. SEO

Search engine optimization is difficult to attribute to advertising in its purest form. It does not send a hopeful message to the audience and does not provide feedback. However, its impact on the promotion of the project is invaluable.

The success of any website, whether it is an online store or a blog of a famous photographer, largely depends on the position in the search engine. If it is on the first page of Google, it will be in the field of view of most users. And if he modestly huddles in the one hundred and twentieth position, God forbid that at least 1% of the audience reaches him. Few have the qualities of a researcher. As a rule, people choose one of the first offered options. Therefore, SEO promotion is highly desirable for everyone. As a beginner to do the promotion yourself, read here.

The main disadvantage: in SEO, there are many subtleties inaccessible to the average person. Therefore, optimization entrusts to specialists who know a thing or two about semantic analysis. Their services are an expensive pleasure.

  1. Banner

Banner advertising is one of the types of contextual promotion. It is also offered to users of Webby interests. Its feature is that it consists entirely of graphic elements.

Banners are good because they instantly sink into a person’s soul. A bright picture will store in memory faster than even the best text. There are many precedents after the launch of competent banner advertising. Sales increased by 50% or more.

Banners divide into the following types:

  • static;
  • animated;
  • interactive.

The latter is considered the best option. If a simple drawing or gif may not impress the user, it is much harder to ignore the two-option poll. And after the first interest arises, it is possible to cause affection to the client and further. The main disadvantage: due to banner blindness, people often do not notice the pictures on the sides of the website. There are so many banners that the brain of the average person perceives them poorly.

  1. E-mailings

E-mail marketing is notorious among people. They are often confused with spam, and little-known businessmen abandon this method of promotion in advance. E-mails are a long-tried and well-established method. It controls by law and requires strict adherence to ethical principles. Therefore, there can be no comparison with “letters of happiness”.

To ensure that the e-mail correspondence corresponds to the letter of the law, marketers follow the following rules:

  • The reader pre-subscribes to messages from a website. It is forbidden to send letters without prior consent.
  • The subscriber has the right to unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. The unsubscribe form should be as simple as possible.
  • It is forbidden to transfer customers’ e-mail addresses to another company, even if it is similar to yours in terms of two drops of water.

The main disadvantage: recipients often do not want to read the message and unsubscribe quickly. To prevent this from happening, you need to attract readers’ attention with attractive headlines and exciting texts.

  1. Teaser

“Wang predicted the end of the world in 2019” is the most striking example of teaser advertising. To create it, you use a headline that immediately attracts attention and a revision – the main message, which explains the loud phrase, and there is a call to action.

Teaser advertising is not necessarily clickbait with a secret. It is used not only by tricksters from network marketing but also by serious companies to promote branded items. Sometimes they run the ad comprehensively. Sometimes the headline comes out a few days before the release. By heating the public interest, the authors create intrigue.

The main disadvantage: due to replaying the sensations to teaser advertising, there is little trust. Unfortunately, it adores by unscrupulous manufacturers.

  1. Video advertising

Many entrepreneurs are aware of the popularity of YouTube and are trying to launch video advertising. I must say that it brings good results. The videos are well received by the public, especially if they are exciting and informative.

Video advertising on the Internet is not the same as a television advertising unit. Network users are much more effective:

  • viral videos that you can drop on each other or post on your wall;
  • educational records (this method of presentation is widespread in various online schools);
  • image clips aimed at presenting the product from the best sides.

Video advertising is also good in that it can track the reaction of viewers. People will rate the video with likes, leave positive reviews, and criticize. With this, you will see what you are doing well and what is worth fixing.

The main disadvantage: a good video will have to spend a lot of money. At the very least, you will need a good camera, quality editing, and a good script.

  1. Native

Native advertising is a message that fits unobtrusively into the surrounding context. Imagine that you are reading an article about the most effective ways to learn English. And, stopping at each of them, you notice a remark that such a school is actively using these technics in teaching students. It would seem that the references are entirely neutral, but they did not appear in the text just like that.

Native advertising by definition cannot be bright and irritating. The main thing in it is naturalness. The reader or viewer should not notice it. It arises as appropriate and does not cause rejection.

The main downside: unobtrusiveness often plays an evil joke with native advertising. Because of this, people often do not notice the hidden message.

  1. Bulletin boards

For some reason, this option undeservedly forgot. Many people associate bulletin boards with selling second-hand items for three cents and think that this platform is not suitable for promoting modern projects. And in vain. “OLX” is still visited by many people.

It should note here that bulletin boards are just one way to increase your customer base. You should not put all your hopes in him. However, with the right approach, it can give a good result. For effect to be, you need to make a competent announcement. Explicit photos, the complete list of contacts, keywords in the title, straightforward text – the key to success.

The main disadvantage: so that your ad does not fall at the very end, you need to raise it constantly. This is a somewhat troublesome activity and often not accessible.

  1. Spam and viruses

Since this advertising method exists, it is worth mentioning, but we strongly advise against using it. First, it is not morally and ethically pure. Secondly, its effectiveness is in great question. Your potential customers are not idiots. Gone are the days when most Internet users were led to incomprehensible offers and followed questionable links. Viral advertising popping up all over the screen does not push a person to buy, and spam immediately removes from the mailbox. So, if you want to gain an audience and make people believe you, choose another way to promote.

The effectiveness and cost of online advertising

It is already clear that online advertising is helpful for the product. Also, as you can see, it can do in many ways. However, online ads do not guarantee successful sales. Launching advertising is a risk in any case. A lot depends on the audience’s mood, the professionalism of the content maker, the relevance of the offer. You can insure yourself on all fronts, but there are times when even the best ideas fail.

Do not be upset. Product promotion is not a single event that happens once in a lifetime but a process that lasts for years. Even if your initial strategy fails, it can be adjusted until it starts working.

Contrary to popular belief, marketers do not rely on intuition. They have explicit schemes by which they check the effectiveness of online advertising:

  • Hit. Here is the number of visits to the resource. This figure, in isolation from everything else, says little. You can follow the link from one computer at least a thousand times.
  • Host. This refers to the number of unique users who are interested in the resource. You can match unique IP addresses with hits and detect some correlations.
  • CTR. In common parlance, this abbreviation is called clickability. It considers the number of impressions of the advertising message to the user and the percentage of clicks on it.
  • CTB. This is the conversion rate. It shows the number of random visitors who become customers.
  • CTI. This indicator is responsible for counting interested visitors. A person who has thoroughly reviewed the website and repeatedly returned to it consider to be interested.
  • ROI. Return on investment.

All data take from special meters. Professionals who evaluate the effectiveness of online advertising can learn a lot from these figures. It clearly shows how the average user reacts to the information offered to him. Based on his behavior, you can successfully change the PR campaign until it starts working in full force.

Where to start advertising?

And now we move from theory to practice. Once you read this article, you most likely have a project waiting to promote. So, what should be your first action? It should be noted at once that much depends on the amount you expect to invest in promotion. If you have an unlimited budget, you can order a number of promotional mentions from top bloggers and rest on your laurels. But if you expect to spend money sparingly, you will have to build a more complex scheme.

Inexpensive but effective means of online promotion are:

  • targeted advertising;
  • thematic contextual advertising;
  • website optimization.

With the start of the campaign, your sales are unlikely to skyrocket. Therefore, you should stock up on finances and run advertising regularly for some time.

Another important aspect is the websites for promotion. If you are a beginner, we advise you to start with search engines and social networks. This is where the greatest concentration of potential customers. Next you will find more sophisticated ways of advertising, and in the meantime choose proven ways.


In Articleconsidered Internet advertising from all sides. We found out what it is, marked its types, learned how to test its effectiveness, and gave some tips on how to run the first ads. From all this I will draw some conclusions.

  • First, always approach internet promotion wisely. As you can see, there are many ways to properly promote a product on the Web without investing millions. Try to choose options that are likely to work. Relentlessly reject bad ideas. Remember that your income depends on it.
  • Second, use all possible ways. Don’t focus on one thing, especially if you see that this option is ineffective. Practice shows that the best results are achieved by those businessmen and marketers who are not afraid of change.
  • Third, developing a PR campaign on the Web is no less difficult and responsible than launching a TV ad. This article gives just the basics of online marketing.

If you are just beginning to comprehend it, you will have a long and painstaking work ahead of you. At first there will be mistakes, as well as at all. The main thing is not to give up if something fails. I hope that this material has been useful to you, and you will definitely apply the knowledge gained in practice.


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