Types of Advertising on Social Networks for Your Business

Contextual advertising is becoming more expensive every day, and the struggle for the attention of buyers is intensifying. It’s time to move advertising campaigns to social networks: users spend at least 20-30 minutes every day in them and often respond well to properly composed advertisements. What kind of advertising on social networks is best for your business, and in what social network you should look for potential customers.

Social network Facebook

In Ukraine, Facebook is used not only for communication and entertainment but also for work. Here, marketers, IT specialists, web admins, copywriters, lawyers, accountants, designers, layout designers, business owners, top managers, and others actively hang out.

Facebook sells well educational programs, services, premium products. Chinese wow-goods and clothes do not advertise here. Customers are more picky and demanding. But you can acquaint buyers of expensive goods and services with their offers: apartment renovation, franchise purchase, luxury jewelry, etc. Are you bringing the project to the western market? Then you too on Facebook.

Targeted advertising

Facebook is the only social network with as many as 15 types of targeted advertising. Advertising here is suitable for almost any business. Only here can you run advertising to achieve specific goals. The most common are “conversions” (sales on a third-party website with a transition from the social network), “coverage” (dissemination of information), and “leads” (contacts of potential customers).

The process of launching advertising is simple. The target is set up very precisely using an internal audience search algorithm in the Facebook Ads office. You can find out for yourself with the help of Facebook tips or hire a specialist.

Do you want your brand to be recognized? Use the goal of “Brand Recognition” or “Reach”. To increase sales, use “Transitions” in conjunction with the Facebook pixel (this is the code snippet you need to paste into your website to track the actions of a user who has switched from advertising and to improve the quality of your ads). As a result, it will help to set up retargeting and “catch up” with those buyers who forgot the goods in the website basket or left empty-handed.

Dynamic advertising allows Facebook to create personalized offers for its customers. This is also helped by a properly selected, installed, and configured Pixel, which collects the necessary data about the audience.

Use the Traffic goal for advertising your website or application. To receive applications and make sales within Facebook (even without a website), choose the “lid generation” format. In this case, users will leave their contact information directly from the news feed.

There are two tools for selling on Facebook. Dynamic hyperlocal retargeting gathers people who are often near the offline point and shows them advertising products from this store. “Conversion tracking” allows you to identify orders through calls and other channels through which the buyer contacted the store after viewing the ad.

Sales through the group

A business page or community allows you to gather an audience interested in your products or services. Unfortunately, not all subscribers see the latest posts on the page in the feed. You need to pay for the expansion of coverage. The whole thing is in the Facebook algorithm: initially, the most important news and those that the user may like a show. Here the target with the purpose of “Coverage” comes to the rescue. With it, you can promote posts. They are shown in the news feed and look ordinary with an organic label “advertising” at the bottom.

Pay attention to video advertising. People respond well to it, and the cost of viewing can reach 5 cents (with the correct campaign settings). You can combine attention-grabbing video, text, and links (or a conversion button) in one post.

Advertising on a personal page

Suitable if you are building a personal brand and using it to sell goods or services. It works best for professionals (accountants, lawyers, consultants, copywriters, eucharist), travelers, fitness trainers, info businessmen. It will not be possible to promote posts in this case. For this purpose, it is necessary to create a community or business page.

Messenger advertising

This type of advertising is only available if the person was already interested in your page or made a purchase. The second option – she agreed to receive messages from you in Facebook Messenger (this type of subscription is now actively used in Info business). For effective online store advertising, you will be able to “warm-up” your potential customers, notify them of sales and promotions, new arrivals, and encourage repeat purchases.

Social network Instagram

Instagram is a visual social network where users come for beautiful photos, interesting and short videos.

The best-selling goods and services can be evaluated visually or create a bright combination of photos and text: accessories, furniture, clothing, travel, fitness, cosmetics, interior design, beauty, handicrafts (boxes, jewelry, keels, etc.)

Many marketers believe that Instagram can sell almost anything, even legal services, and homemade dumplings. There are already dozens of successful examples of such accounts online.

Advertising on your page (personal or business account)

This type of advertising on social networks is suitable for literally all types of business. The main thing is to constantly develop your page, publish interesting posts and gain an active audience. With a small initial investment, this method allows you to place ads for free.

You can sell your products/services or advertise to others for money. A personal account is suitable for such a business. If you have an online store, educational programs, handmade goods, clothing, and accessories (in short, if you are serious about selling) – it is better to create a business account.

The business account has advanced opportunities for sellers: a header with data (phone number, email, website), in the posts – the “Contact” button, which allows you to sell directly. This is especially true for spontaneous purchases when you need to reduce the customer’s path to payment.

You will be able to place one active link in each post. Thanks to this, you can collect applications, orders, visits to the main website, registration for free events (and, consequently, the subscription base).

The disadvantage of this method is that promotional posts will be seen only by your followers.

Advertising in other people’s accounts

It is a way for those who:

  • starts promoting his page and wants to speed up the process of recruiting followers;
  • wants to test a new sales channel.

Choose channels of related topics that your target audience pays attention to. Then write to the administrator in a personal message. If you are just starting – accommodation will be paid. The exception is an advertising post in exchange for a product or service.

Instead, you get honest feedback and coverage on Instagram. For example, bloggers often pose in clothes that they keep for themselves after shooting. The same goes for cosmetics and travel goods, even lunch at a restaurant. If you have opened a confectionery – you can invite a blogger for a free cake with coffee.

The disadvantage is that when placing in your account – the target audience will not see this post, only subscribers. Or those who found it on the hashtag – so do not forget to put them.

Advertising in Stories

You can create ads in Stories through the Facebook advertising cabinet (because the network is purchased and integrated with Facebook). You are limited in both format (this video) and time (up to 10 seconds). The ad is stored for 24 hours, after which you need to launch a new campaign. This format is suitable for increasing coverage and for “Brand Recognition”. With Stories, you can also “warm-up” your audience before a new product is released.

Not so long ago, a new advertising format appeared in Stories – Canvas. Among its advantages: full-screen advertising, the ability to use to promote videos, photos, gifs. But most importantly – you can “fasten” the target action button. Very well suited for installing applications, games, subscriptions to the page. Not suitable for going to the website – links can not insert. They will be inactive. In addition, the video time has increased to 15 seconds, but you cannot add text.

Targeted advertising (photos, videos, carousel)

The target on Instagram is “disguised” as a regular post in the feed. The only thing that betrays him is the barely noticeable word Sponsored. In addition to the standard promo with a photo, text, and link, you can now attach a video or create a series of pictures that scroll through one beautiful ribbon in front of the user (“carousel” format).

Targeted advertising is suitable for all types of business. The main thing – that the image stood out and attracted attention. Posts with photos and videos can supplement with text and a single link, including external resources. We have already written about how you can promote an online store.

“Carousel” is suitable for goods or services that attract the eye. For example, a dress shop can publish a mini-catalog and send it to its Instagram page (this type of advertising has a go button). The design studio can lay out a gallery of interiors and the furniture company – the process of its production from A to Z.


Facebook gathers an audience of cities with a population of millions. There are many professionals, top management, and business owners. It sells quality goods and services in the price range from medium to premium. In this social network, it is convenient to promote Western projects.

Instagram is now part of Facebook and focuses on the visual component. Most users come from mobile devices. Goods and services that can be beautifully sold excellently sold here. The audience lives in big cities and is in the segment of 24-35 years.

What kind of social network and what kind of advertising is right for your business? Decide for yourself!


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