Pay-per-click strategies to be implemented in 2019

2019 is the perfect time to reevaluate your Pey-Per-Click management strategy. The best way to succeed with paid marketing search is to learn about existing best practices, see what worked and what doesn’t work, and learn new ideas and strategies.

Here are the most noticeable PPC trends of 2019 that you should know about.

Multi-channel campaigns

Gone are the days of focusing on a single marketing channel. More and more companies are using multi-channel advertising. PBB-design can help you implement the best advertising company model for your unique business.

Video ads

Video is becoming one of the most dominant forms of content on the Internet. More and more video is appearing in search results, especially from YouTube. For example, Google uses vertical video ads for mobile users. This year, marketers are advising to increase the budget for shorter targeted video ads with targeted content.


If you haven’t already paid attention to retargeting or remarketing, now is the time. This type of advertising allows you to show ads to people who have already been on your site. Use this tool, and you will notice that the rate of return on investment and conversion rate increases.

People instead of keywords

Keywords are an essential aspect of contextual advertising, and that won’t change any time soon. However, you should focus on keywords. It is vital to choose the right target audience to which your information reaches. Developing and placing your ad for a specific audience instead of simply relying on keywords will help improve your paid advertising strategy.

Advertising alternatives

Google is not the only profitable platform. You can also try Facebook, Amazon, Youtube, and LinkedIn for different audiences. Think about how diversifying your pay-per-click advertising budget will help you in the long run.

Test new features

Don’t be afraid to try new features in 2019. Some interesting new features include:

  • Expand advertising in Google ads
  • Mobile video in Google ads;
  • Adjust bids for ads with phone call extensions in Google ads.

Because they effortlessly combine with reliable and familiar features, take advantage of some of these new features.

Voice search

Voice search is growing and becoming more complex as users search for more complex questions on the topic. You may need to take immediate voice search action and track voice search trends throughout the year. Take a look at voice search trends and adjust your keywords or add new campaigns if needed.

Creating brand loyalty

In recent years, advertisers have often forgotten the importance of branding when it comes to contextual advertising. Focus on remembering the brand. When you place your ads, do so to create demand for your products and loyalty to your company.

Special mobile ads

The number of searches on mobile devices has been growing steadily for many years. If you haven’t made mobile ads in pay-per-click advertising, now is the time to join. Neglecting the importance of mobile devices can lead to a loss of budget and loss of capabilities.

Intellectual property protection

If you don’t consider protecting your brand part of your strategy, now is the time to pay attention. When tracking your ads, check how your brand is being used and take action if necessary. Integrating brand protection strategies into your marketing will help you more effectively represent your company to customers and enjoy a lower cost-per-click.

Review your budget

Don’t let yourself get stuck in a routine without overestimating your budget. Carefully study the costs of contextual advertising and consider what you can change.

You can’t always use the same strategies and methods in paid advertising. Pay-per-click advertising is constantly changing. Openness to new ideas and search for information will strengthen your overall approach. The New Year brings tons of upgrades, from automation to mobile benefits. These changes are essential and a sign that the world of Pey-Per-Click advertising will continually change.


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