How the Technical Side of the Website Affects the Promotion

The technical part of the website is everything responsible for its efficiency. Program code, layout, functional elements, CMS, text, graphics, and media elements. The optimization of the web resource and its further promotion would face many difficulties if the technical side of the website did not work out in detail. Why is there such dependence, and what should we pay special attention to? It is helpful for novice web admins, SEO specialists, website owners, and content managers to learn about this.

What affects the outcome of the promotion

Everything in the resource is interconnected, and you need to prepare for its promotion carefully. It is perfect and right when one team (web studio) develops, maintains, and promotes the website. But in practice, the opposite often happens: one person creates a platform, fills another, and promotes a third. And at different stages, various problems hinder development.

Therefore, whenever an unfamiliar resource needs SEO optimization, web studios insist on a technical audit. This is not an unnecessary and not imposed service, but a necessary measure. What technical aspects of the website should be paid attention to:

  • Choosing a reliable hosting. The choice of home for the website should approach very responsibly. This is the basis! Hosting largely determines the security of the resource and the stability of its operation.
  • Logic of functionality and website navigation. Imagine a situation where you will look for the section “Website development” in the “services” section, and it is by incomprehensible logic will be only in the basement? Or your phone number will only be available on the Company page, but it won’t be available in the Contacts section. If errors make in such parameters, the resource will need significant refinements.
  • Page loading speed. It is especially true of the mobile version of the website. The fact is that the user leaves slow pages. Therefore, the speed must constantly monitor, and the website – to help work faster.
  • Learn CMS. Clever use and in-depth study of all features and capabilities of the CMS. Problems in the technical part of the website are sometimes because the owner has poor command of the management system or has never engaged in its study.
  • Check server response. The procedure helps to assess the correctness of the response of the resource. Checks the availability of urls, page source code, support for content compression and page caching, server response for different browsers. If difficulties identify here, promotion measures may not have the expected effect.
  • Filling metatags. We have dedicated a separate publication to this issue. Once again, we will repeat that without qualitatively registered titles, descriptions, key phrases, advancement is impossible.
  • Each website contains mandatory system files – robots.txt, website map, and others. Their settings also need to be checked.
  • URL formation. Most CMSs allow you to automatically generate page addresses on the principle of CNC (friendly URL). The summary of the page, which displays in the address, should be designed not only for robots. It should be simple and clear to people. If there is no such option, something needs to be changed.
  • Purity and validity of program code, ie compliance of the website code with generally accepted norms and rules. If ordinary users do not notice deviations in the code, then search algorithms can detect it. The resource itself suffers first in such a situation: errors in the code interfere with the work.
  • Each website has snippets of CSS, javascript, and HTML. It is important to structure them correctly.
  • Micromarking. Its use helps to structure data that both users and works will appreciate.
  • Functionality of systems and elements. It’s simple: everything on the website should work for the benefit of its visitors. If there is a broken filter, unnecessary “social” buttons, online order forms, they must either be brought to mind and used for their intended purpose or removed altogether. The same goes for widgets, plugins, counters, etc.
  • Link. All links present on the website must be working. Sometimes the owners themselves, when transferring or deleting content, forget that they used the link. When a “broken” link is detected, it is poorly appreciated by both people and algorithms.
  • Redirects and page 404. Not everyone pays due attention to these issues, but in vain. High-quality, elaborate websites are distinguished because even the “wrong” page 404 effectively or creatively design, allowing the user to find their way back quickly. The same situation arises with redirection: redirects must test, configured.

Only the main aspects are listed. When auditing the technical part of the website, many more parameters investigat. The primary role now is played by cross-browser and mobile adaptability, which must take into account. Be sure to remember that the website must securely protect itself from hackers, viruses, spam. Detecting malicious code scares both users and search engine robots! The outer shell of a resource (or its design) affects behavioral users and means and advancement.

How to achieve the ideal?

Note that you can now evaluate the technical parameters using automated services. It is difficult to recommend a specific. Each web admin or SEO-specialist has his own set of tools with which he used to work. But for a full audit of the technical part of this is not enough: you need a specialist, not just a set of algorithms.

Frankly, in some cases, the entire technical side of the website is 100% processed. Even if you analyze the leaders of the issue on various topics, they will probably find a couple of mistakes. As a rule, the question is different: promotions begin not when absolute combat readiness reach but earlier when the website meets the most common requirements. Its basic elements and options are registered, the title is written, in general, the platform works. And then, already in the process, it can be brought to perfect condition. And this will be a constant task.

The purpose of auditing the technical part is to identify and subsequently eliminate those errors that prevent growth. Sometimes it seems that it’s about the little things. But when there are many of them, the resource simply sinks under the pressure of errors. This state cannot be allowed! You can order a technical analysis of the website from us. If you feel that the resource is “slowing down”, contact us: let’s make it better!


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