Google Ads Advertising. Step-by-Step Instructions

The new Google Ads interface, launched more than a year ago, is based on two principles:

  • tools must be efficient and straightforward;
  • the focus of the advertiser should be his business, not the functions of the advertising system.

Among the main benefits of the new version: personalized recommendations for creating campaigns tailored to business goals, quick access to frequently used features, and valuable information in new charts, and powerful reporting tools.

You are creating a new campaign

The article writes in the form of step-by-step visual instructions for running Ads advertising. To start creating a campaign, create or sign in to your Google Account and select the Ads tool.

  • Click ‘Campaigns’ in the page selection menu on the left and then the plus icon button.
  • Add a new campaign.
  • Then select the campaign type.

There are five types of campaigns available in Ads:

  • Search Network: Ads appear on Google search results and search partners.
  • The Display Network: Your ads appear on s and applications in the Google Partner Network.
  • Sales campaigns: Product ads can appear on Google purchases, on Google search (alongside search results, but separately from text ads), and on Google search partners.
  • Video: Ads appear on YouTube and Google CMS.
  • Universal campaign for applications: advertising place on Search, Google Play, YouTube, and CMS.

Choose one of the campaign goals:

  • Sales
  • Potential customers
  • Web traffic
  • Discussion of a product or brand
  • Brand information and coverage
  • Advertising applications.

Google Ads set up

The goal must correspond to the main task that the campaign design to solve. You can apply all available settings to your chosen campaign type and change them as needed for any given goal. If you don’t want to use this feature, you can create a campaign without a plan.

Then choose the ways to achieve the goal from the suggested ones and click “Continue”.

Let’s go to the campaign settings

Enter a name for the campaign and select a search network. Suppose you are not in Ukraine and setting up advertising in another country when you enable the “Google search partners” option. In that case, your ad may appear on search s and applications included in the Google search network: for example, Bing.com, YouTube, and resources where Google search set as the search.

Google Ads instruction
If you advertise in Ukraine, the tick “Google search partners” will have almost no effect – it may just add a few clicks so that you can leave it. Most impressions will be on google.com.ua.

Set up geotargeting. To do this, in the “Placements” section, click “Specify another location” and select your target regions. You can also select excluded locations where you do not need to show ads by clicking the “Exclude” button in front of the area.

There is an additional option to choose a location – advanced search. With it, you can add a pre-prepared list of placements or targets within a radius of a specific point. You can enter a waypoint by specifying the company’s name, region, city, street, address, or location.

We recommend dividing search campaigns by region. If you’re showing ads in Great Britain, create separate campaigns for London and other areas. This will make it easier to analyze the effectiveness of advertising, manage bids and optimize campaigns because the capital usually has more traffic, and the price per click is higher.

Once you’ve chosen a location, enter a language to show your ads based on your user’s language preferences on Google services. When setting up campaigns for Ukraine, add English, then will place your ads not only on Google.com.ua but also Google.com.

Then choose a bidding strategy. You can use manual bidding or automatic strategy. Specify your campaign daily budget. Please note that you can exceed your daily budget up to twice. But during the month, advertising costs cannot exceed an amount equal to the daily budget multiplied by 30.4 (average number of days per month).

Specify advanced campaign settings:

You can choose the start and end dates of your campaign if, for example, you have a campaign with a special offer or promotion. You can then customize the extension to show additional information in your ads: phone numbers, messages, reviews, shortcuts, and more.

Use the “Prices” extension to tell potential customers more about the range and send them to the section them with information about the desired product or service. And with the Promotions extension, you’ll be able to add sales and special offers to your text ads for the search network.

We recommend using optimization (for two or more ads in a group) in ad rotation. Thanks to this technology, the system selects to display relevant adsI’m based on analyzing keywords, search queries, device, and user location.

If you enable the Alternate Timeless option, your ads will run in turn. But if you allow optimization, the system will test the ads automatically. In this case, you can look at the statistics and determine which ad works best.

Choose one of the placement options. By default, the “People in or interested in placements” option is enabled: Your ad will appear to an audience in the selected region or when the query specifies that location, even if the user is in a different region. If you don’t want to show your ads to audiences from other regions, choose ‘People from Targeted Placements.’

You can also exclude users who are in excluded placements or enter them in search queries. Or choose another option – exclude only those who are not in your area.

After making changes, click “Save and Continue”. Let’s move on to setting up ad groups.

You set up ad groups

The next step is to set up ad groups. You must enter a group name, bid, and add keywords. For keyword advice, you’ll need to specify or specify an advertised product or service.

You must use keywords with matching options. We’ll write about how to optimize your Ads keywords in one of the following articles.

You create an advertisement

To create a text ad, click the “New ad” button. Then you need to specify the address that displays the link, write the headlines and fill in the description. Click “Done”. Advertisers can also add additional links that lead to specific pages of the company’s clarifications and phone numbers.

Click the “Save and Continue” button. Your Google Ads search ad is ready!


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