Contextual advertising in Google ADS

Google ADS contextual advertising is one of the most effective ways to attract users to your website, especially if you’re just starting to advertise online. Its main advantage is that it belongs to and interacts with the largest and one of the most popular search engines in the world. Other benefits of Google ADS include the following:

  • Reasonable cost. In general, a click in this system costs from $0,1 to $2.
  • Easy campaign setup and intuitive management. Of course, to achieve the desired result, you will need to make regular adjustments to the settings, but achieving high results is entirely possible.
  • The impact of the CTR of your ads on their value and, importantly, on their position. Advertising with good clickability may well be cheaper and displayed in more promising places than more expensive but less clickable advertising of competitors.
  • Ability to select websites for ads. When you use Google contextual advertising, you don’t pay for the “cat in the bag” – you can determine precisely where users will see your ads.
  • Flexibility of all parameters, simplicity of reporting. As already mentioned, constant adjustment of settings is a common practice when conducting an advertising campaign. Contextual advertising Google Adwords allows you to change all these settings in a wide range, and to assess the effectiveness of the current state of the campaign. You can receive illustrative reports.

Decided to set up contextual advertising yourself? Then read on.

How do I set up contextual advertising on Google?

We will guide you through the basics of setting up contextual advertising in Google AdWords in this article. All you need in the beginning is a Gmail account. Note that you can use both the classic ADS service and a simpler version of ADS Express. The latter allows you to create a campaign as quickly as possible, but it lacks many classic version features. Therefore, it is desirable to prefer the traditional version still.

Choose a campaign type

The first thing that Google contextual advertising requires is to choose the type of campaign you want to start. It may be:

  • Media network only. In other words, your ad will display as a banner on portals with AdSense units.
  • Media network combined with search network. This dual option allows you to count on more views and clicks.
  • Google.Shopping. Adding your products to this system will be effective if you want to increase sales of any specific products.
  • Video. This type of advertising allows you to broadcast your video in ad units when watching videos on YouTube and when using YouTube blocks on the pages of other websites.
  • Campaign for applications. It is a specialized option for development companies, which allows the most “targeted” to advertise programs in front of their target audience.

It is best to try to work with search and contextual networks separately, and as they gain experience, combine them into one campaign.

Basic parameters

When organizing a specific campaign, you must specify the number of parameters that will affect the display settings of your ad (and, ultimately, its effectiveness). Here are the main of these parameters:

  • Target audience. Modern Internet marketing is unthinkable without geotargeting, which allows you to narrow the number of users who will show ads, to be able to become your customers.
  • Budget. The Google ADS service design allows users with different financial capabilities to run somewhat effective advertising campaigns, and you can set cost adjustments in the settings. However, you need to understand that you will not get a large number of clicks for a pittance.
  • Rates. In this section, the system automatically substitutes an option in which it will give as many conversions to the pages of your website within the specified financial costs. If you’re just starting with AdWords, this strategy will work best for you.
  • Ad text. Creating an advertising offer is not an easy task. If we talk about the main points, it must contain a keyword, a call to action, and attractive information about the uniqueness and exclusivity of your proposal.
  • Keywords. Their competent selection and proper use can be called one of the primary keys to the success of the entire campaign in principle. In the context of using Google ADS, it is essential to mention two points. First, pay attention to the type of match when setting up your ad. By default, it defines as “general correspondence,”, ie, the acceptance of all word forms as appropriate vital variants. It may be better for your company to choose a phrase or even an exact one conformity. And second, don’t ignore a tool like Google Keyword Planner. It will help you automatically select the optimal keyword phrases for the website, your products, and your services.

Another important point about setting up Google ADS contextual advertising, which you should know, is the possibility of conducting experiments or so-called split tests. They needed to ultimately create as many clickable ads as possible, get as many targeted visitors to your website as possible, and spend as little money as possible. The experiment parameters can set in the “Advanced settings” of the service.

The Google ADS system can be your great helper in the development of the company and increase profits. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment and constantly make adjustments to the advertising campaign to optimize it.


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