Brand Promotion on the Internet

It is no secret that a well-known and popular brand can sell its products and services much more expensively and actively than competitors. There are many methods of brand promotion, but the promotion of brands on the World Wide Web is becoming increasingly popular. The Internet provides an opportunity to express itself on such a scale that in the traditional advertising field would require significantly higher costs.

Today, most users are looking for information about products and services in the global network, so the brand’s presence there is a necessary guarantee of success and recognition.

Brand promotion implies its presence where there is a potential audience. Most often, users search for information in search engines or spend time on social networks and blogs. Based on this, you can identify the most effective tools to increase brand awareness.

Branding is one of the leading professional marketing tools that has existed for over a century, but such an industry as brand promotion on the Internet was born recently. For this reason, the rise of brands on the World Wide Web was initially carried out according to the same rules and using the same methods as offline promotion: creating a corporate identity website, using a logo, etc. However, over time, much has changed, and today there are the following methods of brand promotion on the Internet:

  • promotion of the website in search engines on thematic queries, which increases brand awareness;
  • Internet advertising (including banner and contextual), which with the right approach can increase confidence in this brand;
  • after gaining the trust of the target audience, it is necessary to ensure its loyalty. This achieves by promoting the website on social media.

Search engine promotion has the following benefits:

  • visibility on a set of popular key queries creates the effect of brand presence “everywhere”;
  • users’ trust in the organic output of search engines implies a particular trust in the brands that are there;
  • Search promotion allows you to attract a large target audience to the website and tell them about your brand.

Media advertising can reach many potential audiences and convey the visual sensations associated with your product.

Internet marketing in social networks

Social media marketing (SMM) allows a brand to be where its target audience is constantly present. The main advantages of SMM in brand promotion:

  • the ability to track positive and negative feedback, respond to them promptly;
  • receiving feedback from users about goods and services to improve them;
  • the ability to brand applications, contests, and groups, creating a brand space in which users spend a lot of time.

The main thing for brands is to be closer to customers. To do it, the business came to social networks. Most Internet users in the world use social networks. It reflects one of the main trends of the network – as soon as people connect to the Internet, they look for communication with other people. Contrary to popular belief, not only young people use social networks.

Targeted advertising tools allow you to show it to people most likely interested in your products or services.

The use of social media as a channel to attract customers is changing the traditional approach to CRM systems. The essence of CRM is to recognize people better and thus get the most efficiency from interacting with them. With the development of social media, businesses stop controlling the reaction of users, but they can do marketing for the brand faster than the marketing department of this company. Businesses need to adopt a new strategy – social CRM, and instead of trying to manage users, provide an opportunity for dialogue that customers will appreciate.

Understanding customer value is key to building a social CRM strategy. It should help answer the question: what motivates users to turn to the brand on social networks? Why do they sometimes refuse to interact? Does the company affect the feelings and emotions of the user?

It should also note that there is a high probability that the initial reaction of the target audience to the promotion of the brand on social networks will not always be positive. In the initial stages of brand promotion and promotion, the main thing is to draw attention to it, make it recognizable, and then develop measures to create a positive attitude towards the brand.

Therefore, when developing a strategy to promote the brand in social networks, it is necessary to take into account the following criteria:

  • ease of perception of the graphic image (ideally, the logo should be such that it can easily depict by hand, even a person who can not draw);
  • interesting, original, and short slogan;
  • inadmissibility of obsession with the user;
  • maintaining a constant dialogue with the target audience.

Brand promotion using Internet advertising methods has already proven its effectiveness in the global market and our country. Given the high activity of Internet users and their time on social networks, it becomes beneficial to use this opportunity. With the help of online advertising, you can create a solid and stable brand with a large number of loyal users.


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