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Turnkey websites from PBB design

Website development by the criteria: friendly, natural, easy. High-quality development of sales-winning websites.

Comprehensive approach to website development

Providing clients with a full package of services for website development, optimization, and promotion in search engines.

Experience in web development and SEO

15 years of website design experience. Development of quality selling websites.

Development of websites with adaptive design

Development of Internet projects with an original design that is correctly displayed on all possible devices and browsers.

Remote support

Technical support and efficiency of web projects.

Examples of websites, which were developed

Take a look at our latest projects.


Types of resources being developed

Features, terms, the approximate price for different types of resources.

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About us

PBB design has been working on website development since 2005 and offers website development, optimization, and promotion on the Internet, as well as further support. We work individually with each client to find a solution for his/her specific needs. We try to do it cheap and cheerful! More than two hundred successful projects have been published. Some of them can be viewed in the Portfolio.

We design and develop websites of various complexity – from small business cards and landings to large-scale online stores and portals. We embody any idea.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to set up a website?

The cost of internet projects starts from $500. The price depends on the complexity of your task and the amount of work.

How soon will my website be ready for publication?

It depends on the tasks. Usually, our clients test their websites in 1 month after the beginning of work. A large portal can take six months, and a small business card can be set up in a few weeks.

Do you support and promote websites in the future?

Yes, we do, even at the development stage, we can prepare an SEO promotion quotation of your website and its support in the future.

How can I get my first orders from a newly set up website?

Once the resource is published, we provide a free promotional package of contextual advertising on the website, and you will get your first customers on the second day.

Why your services are so expensive?

You will receive a technically correct and easy-to-use resource. We do not develop similar websites. Before you start, we will study your business, competitors, target audience, so that you get a resource, which is profitable for you and distinctive for your customers.

Does the website price cover page stuffing?

We stuff your website with your content. If you need quality texts, you can order them from us separately.

Our customers

Sequence of work

  • Customer preferences
    An insight into the received information, a background check, preferences, and requirements of the customer.
  • Website layout preparation
    Website layout, navigation, and possible content scenarios.
  • Interface design
    Quality page layout, infographics, and modern graphic formats
  • Layout setting
    Professional page layout, cross-browser compatibility, correct display on all possible devices.
  • Programming
    Development of a web resource with working functionality, integration of necessary services. Testing and debugging.
  • Filling with content
    Stuffing page with unique content taking into account the requirements of search engines.
  • Search engine optimization
    Selection of keywords by pages, filling in meta-tags, competent relinking. Marketing improvements.
  • Site support and promotion
    Search engine optimization makes websites effective, and their promotion allows you to reach the TOP of search engine ranking.
  • Contextual advertising
    We set up effective contextual advertising in Google ADS. You can get your first customers immediately after the publication of your website.
  • Increased conversions
    Periodic testing of websites, increasing usability, activation of contact points, improvement of work technologies.

You will get upon the development of your website

First orders immediately after the start

First orders immediately after the start

After developing and stuffing the site, we will create and launch a free advertising campaign for the promo period. You will get good traffic as a result of advertising. Thus, the site will immediately generate profit and show a quick return.

User-friendliness on all devices

User-friendliness on all devices

We set up adaptive websites, their content easily adapts to any screen size: laptops, phones, tablets, monitors, apple devices. Using adaptive layout allows web pages to reach higher search positions and reduces the number of rejections by visitors.

Easy administration without training

Easy administration without training

We use mainly our management system to develop web projects. It allows users to manage the information content of their resources easily, without unnecessary scripts. Also, we use other popular content management systems such as Joomla, WordPress, and Prestashop.

Your website will be better than your competitors’ ones

Your website will be better than your competitors’ ones

We analyze the market to adopt the best practices, make your website better, improve the quality of service, land new potential customers, and expand the sales geography.

We will design and build a selling website

We will design and build a selling website

We create pages with an attractive finish in such a way as to convince clients to order your products or services. Customers can use the website with pleasure, in a convenient and friendly way.

Maximum SEO for successful promotion

Maximum SEO for successful promotion

The web resource is SEO optimized at the output and fully ready for further promotion. All the factors that are critical for the successful promotion of the resource must be taken into account even at the stage of creating layouts.

And finally! Why do you need a website?

This is the question you need to ask yourself before calling or writing to us.
No answer to this question right away? Let us help you.


1. You need customer acquisition from the Internet

In this case, developing is not enough. You probably have competitors who already have their own web offices. Some of them do their online business well, and some not. In any case, the first thing we will do is to study your competitors, because our priority is to make your website better, more friendly, and more accessible than theirs.
Excellent! We have set up a good website that is better than your competitors’ ones, but it does not solicit customers. You may ask: “Why?” This is because a new resource on a new domain, no matter how good it is, needs to be promoted.
So, SEO promotion and contextual advertising must follow setting up a website. The budget item may be equal to the budget of site development in a few months. Keep that in mind. At all events, the web project will start winning your e-sales.

2. You need a cool website with an impressive design

As a rule, such websites are ordered by companies that are widely known in the market and have a stable flow of customers. Such a website aim at showing the successful business in all its glory.
On the one hand, it is easy because everything you need is to set up a website, except for some nuances. In addition to its superiority over your competitors’ ones, set up using huge budgets, your website’s design and animation must fully reflect all the features of your business as well as contain some non-standard solutions.
Such websites are not developed quickly. Each section is thought out to the smallest detail. Each element is carefully processed. As the result, a web page appears, which remains actual for a long time and receives good feedback from users.

3. You need a website just because others have theirs

This is probably the most primitive approach to website development. As a rule, customers with such an approach have slender means for development and their requirements are minimal. Most novice freelancers dream of finding such a customer.
Such projects are usually delivered using one of the available web designing tools and reported successfully set up in a day or two. However, we do not work with such customers and consider it shameful to have such “web products” in our portfolio. Also, they will be of no benefit to their owners.
You can’t make money online without your full-fledged website. Developing pages using online designers is nothing more than a beautiful picture or a toy for some cases.


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